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xDuoo MT-604 Latest Tube Hybrid Headphone AMP Released

After the recent success of the xDuoo MT 601 and 602 Tube Hybrid Headphone Amps, xDuoo has just dropped its latest product in the market, meet the all-new xDuoo MT-604. It is an advanced tube hybrid balanced headphone amplifier featuring four high-performance tubes in the pre-amp stage with a transformer-based Class A amplification buffer. It is actually the third product in the “MT” series of tube hybrid headphone amps by xDuoo after the single tube MT-601 and the dual tube MT-602. MT-604 is available now for just AUD$259.




>Tube +Transistor Hybrid Amplifier.

>Four 6J1 Tubes for the Pre-amp stage.

>Class-A Transistor Buffer.

>XLR and 4.4mm Balanced Input/Output Options.

>High-performance audio circuitry.

>Independent Left & Right volume channels.

>Built-In Mute Circuit.

>Exquisite Build with Sand-Blasted Textured Panel.

Technical Specs:-

>Gain: +15dB.

>Output Power: 2000mW @ 1kHz, 32ohm.

>Dynamic Range: 85dBA(32ohm).

>Frequency Response Range: 10Hz-60kHz.

>Supported Headphone Impedance: 16ohm-600ohm.

>THD+N: </= 0.01%.

>SNR: 115dB.

>Weight: 0.55Kg.

Tube+Transistor Hybrid Headphone Amplifier:-

xDuoo MT-604 is a balanced hybrid tube headphone amplifier. The device features four high-quality 6J1 tubes in the pre-amp stage adding the required warmth, musical touch to the music. It is paired with a dynamic transformer-based Class A buffer that adds speed, dynamics, and power to the output while keeping the output distortion and noise-free.

Fully Balanced Architecture:-

xDuoo MT-604 is a fully balanced tube hybrid amp featuring XLR and 4.4mm input and output options. The MT-604 doesn’t house any single-ended input or output options like RCA or 3.5mm, just balanced. For Output it has two ports, one 4.4mm balanced and another 4-Pin XLR.


Separate Left & Right Channel Volume Control:-

xDuoo MT-604 features independent volume adjustment controls for both the left and right channels separately. Users can simply adjust the volume for both the channels separately by using these separate knobs on the front of the device.

Clean & Powerful Output:-

xDuoo MT-604 has a clean and powerful sound signal output. It has an output power rating of up to 2W at 32 ohms of load. It is more than enough to power any demanding cans in the market. The MT-604 supports headphones with an impedance range of 16ohm-600ohm.

Built-In Relay With Mute Circuit:-

xDuoo has designed a built-in relay with the mute circuit in the MT-604. It protects the connected headphones from sudden Pop noise when starting up the amplifier also improving the lifespan of the tubes.


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