Zidoo – Z2600 – 4k UHD Media Player


● HDMI 2.1 connection supports 4K 60Hz output

● Latest HDR formats (HDR10/HLG/HDR10+/Dolby Vision)

● Supports new codecs including AV1 & HEVC

● Quad-core 64-bit high-performance processor

● Android 11 OS and thousands of apps available to download

● 32GB eMMC internal storage for downloading apps and content

● Internal HDD bay supports removable hard drive up to 16 TB

● Bluetooth 5.2 & WiFi 6 compatible dual-band modules built-in


Z2600 – 4K UHD Media Player

The Zidoo Z2600 is a high-performance 4K UHD media player, featuring a newly upgraded chipset – the Realtek RTD1619BPD quad-core processor. It has a built-in Dolby Vision VS10 image quality processing engine, supporting Dolby Vision low latency (LLDV) processing and supports a vast array of media formats and standards, including HDR (HDR10/HLG/HDR10+/Dolby Vision), 12Bit, BT2020 wide colour range, YCbCr 4:4:4 colour space as well as hi-res audio.

When it comes to 4K streaming media players, the Z2600 is the latest in Zidoo’s lineup of high-performance units. Adding to the formats that were present on the previous-generation models, the Z2600 features a new Android OS and the latest HDR processing technologies to offer a seamless entertainment experience.

Complete with a range of analogue and digital connections, including a dedicated HDMI audio output, the Z2600 is sure to satisfy those with serious entertainment systems.

Key Features

• New RTD1619BPD quad-core 64-bit high-performance processor
• Android 11 operating system for improved system performance and stability
• Built-in Dolby Vision VS10 engine for improved image quality
• 4GB DDR4 memory and 32GB eMMC internal storage
• HDMI 2.1 connection supports 4K@60Hz point-to-point output
• Dual HDMI outputs (main out + audio out) for sending video and immersive 3D audio to separate destinations
• Latest picture formats including 3D, HLG, 12Bit, BT2020, YCbCr 4:4:4 colour space
• Accurate HDR10 static metadata (MaxFall, MaxCll) processing
• HDR10+ dynamic processing ensures lifelike image colour and brightness levels
• Advanced Dolby Vision LLDV technology delivers the most suitable brightness levels frame-by-frame
• Automatic frame rate and resolution switching to ensure smooth video playback
• Connect external SATA & USB (3.0/2.0) storage drives up to 16TB to access your personal media collection
• Supports BD/BD3D/UHD full Blu-ray navigation and subtitles for a seamless Blu-Ray experience
• Supports lossless audio playback including MQA, DSD (SACD ISO, DSF, DFF), WAV, APE, DTS, and more
• HomeTheater4.0 supports custom categories, movie trailers/soundtrack playback, automatic poster scanning, and more
• Supports special effect subtitles and customisation – Search, match, and download subtitles online
• IOS and Android ZIDOO Controller APP for easy control from a smart device
• Integrate into smart home systems with HDMI CEC, RS232 and Control 4
• Aluminium alloy chassis with brushed metal panel featuring large LED display panel

Superior Craftsmanship

The Z2600 is exquisite in appearance and design, featuring military-grade aluminium alloy chassis with metal wiredrawing. The large brushed metal panel at the front of the unit features a large LED display, which communicates essential information and supports brightness adjustment. The NSS-patented HDD bay and high-gain antennas are hidden in the chassis, which contributes to sleek, stylish look of the Z2600.

Multiple Interfaces

The Z2600 features a wide array of analogue and digital connections, including HDMI 2.1 output, SATA3.5 HDD bay, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, analogue audio, digital audio, composite video, and Gigabit LAN, and IR input.

Separate HDMI AV Outputs

The Z2600 features a dual set of HDMI ports, one “main out” which contains both video and audio signals, and one “audio only” output, containing only audio signal. This dual output system is ideal for users with older non-UHD AV receivers, as it allows 3D immersive audio to still be passed to the surround receiver, while still delivering 4K@60Hz HDR 12Bit video to a compatible display. This system is ideal for serious AV enthusiasts who demand flexibility in their system.

Hidden HDD Bay

The Z2600 features a SATA 3.5 interface which ensures high-speed two-way read and write. Hidden behind one of the front panels, the large-capacity NSS-patented HDD bay provides convenient storage options for larger collections. Whether you’re streaming or watching your own stored entertainment, the Z2600 can handle any content you throw at it.

Powerful Chipset

The Z2600 is equipped with Realtek RTD1619BPD Quad-core 64bit high-performance processor with 12nm technology and embeds 1.6TOPS neural network processor. In addition to a faster response speed and more efficient computing capability, the benefits also include strong decoding performance which supports accurate UHD decoding and excellent image quality output. This chipset boasts a 20% performance increase when compared to the previous generation models. This means accessing your favourite entertainment is faster, and the Z2600 is capable of running any application you throw at it.


Large Memory and Internal Storage

The Z2600 is ready for all the entertainment you can throw at it. The large 4GB DDR4 memory equals fast and smooth navigation and playback. 32GB eMMC internal storage allows you to install all your favourite streaming, gaming, and other apps, so everything you need for quality entertainment is only a keypress away.

WiFi and Bluetooth

The Z2600 has a built-in 2.4G+5G dual-band 2R2T MIMO WIFI module. Supporting WIFI 6, the Z2600 has a wireless transmission rate of up to 1201Mbps. With high-gain antennas. it avoids interference and is able to maintain a stable and high-speed connection even in a harsh network environment.

Equipped with Bluetooth BT 5.2 module, the Z2600 enables you to connect wireless Bluetooth devices such as remote controls, keyboards, speakers, headphones, and more.

Intelligent Active Cooling System

The Z2600 adopts an intelligent active cooling system with dual-ball silent cooling fan, the temperature is measured intelligently and could be adjusted manually and automatically to ensure stable running of components and a longer lifespan.

High-Quality Power Supply

The Z2600 has a high-quality switching mode power supply with metal shielding treatment to effectively reduce magnetic interference and ensure better audio and video output.


4K UHD Image Quality

The Z2600 image engine can easily decode 4K HDR images encoded with AV1, HEVC, or H.265 standards. Supporting 3840 x 2160 60Hz output, each pixel appears natural, and images are clear and vivid even on a large screen.

Stunning HDR Technology

A new HDR processing engine can deal with HDR10 static metadata (MaxFall, MaxCll) more accurately. Colour contrast is incredibly defined, ensuring both highlights and shadows are displayed perfectly, which delivers images much closer to the true-to-life scene.

Conversely, the Z2600 supports HDR to SDR conversion, meaning you can display HDR movies very well on SDR screens via dynamic correction and colour reproduction.

Higher Level HDR10+

The Zidoo Z2600 takes the lead in providing HDR10+ and Dolby Vision technology in a media player/streaming device. HDR10+ technology is capable of not only displaying peak brightness up to 4,000 nits, but also processing metadata accurately for each frame. Namely, colours and brightness levels are obtained frame by frame and scene by scene, images could be displayed in details with wide dynamic contrast and richer colours.

Dolby Vision VS10 Technology

Z2600 integrates Dolby Vision VS10 image engine, which supports Dolby Vision low latency (LLDV) output. Dolby Vision has adopted advanced dynamic metadata processing technology, so that the most suitable brightness could be output for images and scenes of each frame. Shadows are darker while highlights are brighter. Dolby Vision delivers brightness between 0.007 to 10,000 nits, so even dark and weak-light environments are displayed with the best visual effect.

No matter the format (Dolby Vision, HDR, HLG, SDR, etc.) display device (TV, projector, monitor, etc.), or whether the Z2600 is outputting HDR or SDR, colours are accurate for an incredibly immersive experience.

12Bit Colour Depth

Z2600’s new image engine not only supports 10 Bit (approximately 1.07 billion colours) decoding and outputting at the resolution of 4K 60Hz, but also supports higher colour depth 12 bit (approximately 68 billion colours); 12 bit has much more vibrant colours and more natural colour transitions.

Wider Colour Range

The Z2600 supports BT.2020 wide colour range which can display 75% of perceivable nature colours and closer to what human eyes could see, while traditional BT.709 can only display 35% of natural colours. This results in bright and eye-catching colours, rich and full images, and a better sense of space, three dimensions and layering.

Accurate Frame Rate Switching

Z2600 supports switching original resolution and frame rate automatically and accurately (23.976, 59.94, 25, 30, 50, and 60). The new automatic switching algorithm allows completing the film frame rate switching in advance to ensure smooth and integral film playback.

Android 11 Operating System

With the integration of the Android 11 OS, the system performance, stability, and compatibility of the Z2600 is greatly improved over the previous model. A huge number of apps can be installed. DRM widevine L1 is also supported.

Video Formats and Extensible Storage

Z2600 has built in a powerful player, supporting BD/UHD Blu-ray (BDMV/ISO), 3DMVC (Blu-ray, MKV), MKV, M2TS, MTS, TS, MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MPG, MPEG, VOB, FLV, 3GP, TP etc. What’s more, it could connect with drives and hard disks (up to 14TB). NFS and SMB serves could be read in the same LAN.

Smooth Blu-ray Seamless Branching Playback

Z2600 optimizes the video playback engine, which improves the Blu-ray seamless branching playback and says goodbye to stuttering and messy playback issues. BD and UHD Blu-ray navigation are played just like enjoying movies in a cinema.

Poster Wall

Z2600 comes with new movie posters management system. It has concise navigation, personalised category, record viewing and custom collection etc. It makes movie collections more convenient and fully improves the efficiency of mass movies management.

Powerful Subtitle Features

Z2600 can automatically search and match subtitles for movies on the Internet. PGS,ASS, SSA, SUP, SUB and SRT subtitle formats are supported. Subtitle font, colour, special effect, location could be customized. MKV and Blu-ray forced subtitles are also supported.

Lossless Music Playback

Support for master-level DSD (SACD ISO, DFF, DSF, DSD etc), regular lossless formats (FLAC, WAV, APE, DTS etc), CUE track and CD-ROM playback (CD-ROM drive is not included).

Music Library Management

Music resources from network drives and local hard drives could be added and managed to generate exclusive music library. Music could be collected and managed in a brand-new way.

Music Streaming

The Z2600 is perfectly compatible with Roon Ready and Spotify. This supports network streaming just like high-end dedicated music streaming devices.

ZIDOO Controller APP

ZIDOO Controller APP could control media players seamlessly in LAN. Home Theatre and Music Player could be set on cell phone without suspending audio and video playback. Music could be played without turning on displaying device. And media players could be powered on/off without remote control.

Wireless Casting

Z2600 supports DLNA network protocol, videos could be cast from cell phone or tablet to a large screen, while audios could be played synchronously on display devices from cell phone music APP (third-party video casting APP and music streaming APP are needed to install manually).

Network Sharing Protocols

Z2600 supports Gigabit network transmission, it could work with NFS, SMB v1/v2/v3, UPnP, FTP network protocols. It will automatically scan all available network drives in the LAN and read data quickly and reliably. NAS, PC and other servers are supported.

Smart Control System

Apart from ZIDOO Controller smart phone APP, ZIDOO also supports HTTP (standard WOL are supported), RS232, HDMI CEC, Bluetooth and IR control methods for smart control system.

Specs Model: Z2600
Display Screen: LED
Chassis: Aluminium alloy
OS: Android 11
CPU: Realtek RTD1619BPD ARM Quad-A55 (quad-core)
GPU: ARM Mali-G57
Internal Storage: 32GB eMMC

Bluetooth: BT 5.2
Wi-Fi: 2.4G + 5G dual-band WiFi, 802.11 a/b/g/n/AC/AX 2T2R , 802.11ax MIMO OFDM
Ethernet: 1x RJ-45 (10/100/1000Mbps)

HDMI Output: HDMI 2.1 (4K@60fps/12Bit/HDR/BT2020/YCbCr 4:4:4 output) + 1.4 (Audio Only), audio video separate output
Video Decoding: 4K@60p, HEVC/H.265 12Bit, HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby vision
Audio Decoding: 1x Optical (2CH,5.1CH) 1x Coaxial (2CH,5.1CH) 1x RCA L/R channel
Power Supply: AC 110~120/220~240V 50/60Hz (built-in switching power supply + linear power supply
Product Dimensions: 350mm x 240mm x 60mm

USB 3.0 x1
USB 2.0 x3

3.0 x1
3.5 HDD bay (hard drive not included)

Other Interfaces:
IR Receiver x1
RS232 x1
RCA Cvbs x1

Remote control
Power adapter
Use manual


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