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Sword-ISL EXCALIBUR Rhodium Edition

Our best analogue interconnect ever; Supra’s flagship. Sword–ISL Rhodium is an interconnect pair with Rhodium plated Supra RCA-8 anniversary plugs, made for analogue single-end applications.

  • Transparant – No signal deformation
  • Great frequency responce and no phase shifting.
  • Bifilar wound Litz conductors
  • Rhodium plated RCA plugs

The success with the Sword Excalibur loudspeaker cable lit an idea of designing an interconnect according to the same patented design concept.

The cable works as a perfect signal carrier without the side effects of the traditionally designed cables, which display severe problems with frequency responce and phase shifting. Sword maintain the signal integrity with almost immeasurable deformation due to our freedom and ability to master the electro-physical layout. It is hard to beat the Sword series, regardless of price.

What does it sound like? The best description is nothing – Supra Sword does not sound at all.

Gold plating is a relatively simple process, while Rhodium plating is difficult and costly, but also provides better conductive properties. We only sell Sword pre-terminated. The transition between the cable and connectors is very critical due to the bifilar-wound litz conductors. In order to maintain the superior cable and contact properties, we have reached the conclusion to keep this in-house.


Cable: Sword-I Conductors (x2) 2x6x0.40 (Enameled) spun around PE/PP-filler Area: 2×1.5mm2 / AWG 15 Isolation: PP/PE mix, D=3mm Parts: Twisted Screen: Common Alu/Pet foli, 100% Jacket: PVC GA74 Crystal, round, D=8mm Colour: Transparent Iceblue Interconnect: Stereo, 2 > 2 plugs, Right = red, left = black Plugs: RCA-8SL Rhodium plated

  • Material: Rhodium plated Copper aloy
  • Wire connection: Soldering. Solder tin Almit 34 Super
  • Jack connection: Squeeze lock (SL) Signal direction: Follow the arrows > Source > Receiver Packning: Wooden box 22x22x4 cm

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