Supra Rondo Combicon 4 X 2.5mm BI-Wire Speaker Cable

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High quality speaker cable with four tin plated multi-strand conductors, high pitch twisted for noise cancellation and lower inductance.

Here pre-terminated with our finest connectors Supra CombiCon, a 24K Gold plated solid copper crimped body and allowing you to choose between Banana/BFA or Spade connectors.

A number of years ago Chris from Image Speakers NZ compared many speaker cables in AB tests to find the most neutral sounding conductor to internally wire all Image speakers.

There was one clear leader. SUPRA from Sweden.

Supra cable is true High-End, and has been producing high quality cables for most audio applications since 1976.

Supra is used in all Image models for loudspeaker internal wiring because of the proven performance.

Rondo 4×2.5 bi-wire cable can be used from your amplifier to all quality speaker systems.

Typical applications: High powered, short to intermediate lengths and/or in bi-wired or bi-amplified Hi-Fi system or on-stage.

I have a 100% satisfaction rate with all SUPRA cable owners, and that is indicative of the neutrality of these exceptional cables from Sweden.

If configured in a Star Quad conductor formation (single wire/full range) RFI pickup and outgoing magnetic fields (lowered inductance) are almost completely cancelled out, thanks to the symmetry of current in the opposite conductor pairs.

Finally the strand tin plating will counteract any current jumps tendencies between the strands.

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2.0m Pair, 3.0m Pair, 4.0m Pair


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