Supra Rondo 4×2.5 speaker cable (unterminated)


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4 x 2.5 sq. mm Tin-plated OFC. Application examples: Bi-wiring/bi-amping high power systems or longer lengths in low/medium power systems. For biwiring Rondo 4×2.5T, follow this scheme, known as “star-quad”, to ensure the best sound and to minimise inductance:

At the amplifier end:
Twist the Red and Light Blue coloured conductors together and connect to the amplifier positive (+) or RED coloured speaker terminal, preferably using a good quality connector, such as the Supra Banana or Supra CombiCon connectors.

Then, twist the Black and White coloured conductors together and connect to the amplifiers negative (-) or BLACK coloured speaker terminall, preferably using a good quality connector, such as the Supra Banana or Supra CombiCon connectors.

At the speaker end:
Connect the Red wire to the Treble (or HF) + terminal, and the Black wire to the Treble (or HF)  terminal.

And then connect the Light Blue wire to the Bass (or LF) + terminal and the White wire to the Bass (or LF)  terminal.

The use of suitable connectors at the loudspeaker end of the cable will permit the easy connection and disconnection. If possible please use good quality, colour coded connectors, such as the Supra Banana, Supra Fork or ForkXL or Supra CombiCon connectors.

A recognized way to extinguish interference in a cable is by twisting the conductors. The usual side effect is torsion tension in the conductors, and the cable will suffer from bending fatique. SUPRA Rondo is produced in big specially made twisting machines that eliminates this problem and make a very efficient short pitch twisting possible. Tin plated.

Whether for mono- or bi-wiring, the Rondos are typical of the superb value that the Supra Cables represent. In designating them a Best Buy, the esteemed British publication, What Hi Fi? said this:

“…This is a powerful sounding cable, needing little run-in to deliver a punchy bass and vibrant treble. There is no thickening of sound sometimes encountered with chunky conductors, and if your amp and speakers are capable of producing solid visceral bass, you won’t go far wrong.”


Online magazine TNT Audio said it this way:

“…the Supra cables are a joy to install and position.

“…the Rondo is an excellent cable. Most cables at this price point suffer from what can only be called haze or an unnatural accentuation of treble frequencies that is really true distortion.

”The Rondo’s were instead very relaxed in their presentation and possessed of a fine musical balance. Even in a long run and with speakers of extended low frequency capability, the Rondos approached the performance of a genuine full range cable. The high end was particularly good, with an excellent sense of clarity without sounding forced. The midrange was generally transparent…

”The sonic backdrop was silent while the sound stage was of reasonable size, Images were well placed and focused. At the price, the Rondo is quite an amazing cable and is well suited to modest high end systems…

“Supra cables are obviously superbly designed and engineered products as each of them performs far beyond their price points. They have a natural and musical balance which makes them well suited to a variety of systems.”


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