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Supra LoRad MD mains blocks are designed to shield and filter noise and protect the electronic gear from surges and DC (Direct Current) on the mains power.

The NIF-filter (Non-Intrusive Filtering, courtesy of Ben Duncan Research in UK) is a mild RFI filter damping the high frequency noise from all modern household sources.

DC is a result of the increasing number of household appliances that load the AC mains power asymmetrically, introducing a small (0.5 – 3 Volts) but highly malicious DC component.

Our high-end three-way surge protection is designed to shunt high voltage peaks/transients from harming your Hifi gear. Aluminum is a very potent magnetic field insulation. Our mains block as well as adjacent devices is efficiently shielded from both electric, electro-magnetic and magnetic fields, a much wanted property where there is high currents rushing.

Customer benefits

Noise damping up to 40 dB! Nominally 3,6 Volt DC lift to prevent non-linearity, iron core saturation and heat NIF- and DC-filter works also without protective earth wall socket Plays out from a pitch black background offering all micro dynamics and sound stage Distinct and articulate bass reproduction NIF-filter slope increase for every socket from mains block feed connector First two sockets un-filtered for Amps Internal wiring of 2.5 mm2 oxygen-free copper leads Support a staggering peak power 3680 Watt @ 230 Volt and 16 Ampere Wall mounted or standing on a flat hard surface. Rubber feet and brackets included

Preserves and increases dynamics LoRad cord sets further reduce noise by 6-12 dB! Custom tailored NIF-filter from Ben Duncan Research in UK SP three-way surge protection rejects close perimeter lightning Shielded aluminum chassis prevents electric, electro-magnetic and magnetic fields


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