Supra Mains Power Distributions Blocks allow for 2 up to 15 mains power sockets (EU) and a staggering 3.68 kW load still safe, noise-free and optionally surge protected. We provide for custom tailored filtering for anyone feeling that filters dampen transient respons in powerful power amplifiers and on stock standard variants are always socket one (1) un-filtered and remaining NIF-filtered. Our 8+ blocks provides as standard two un-filtered and remaining NIF-filtered. Our three-way SP-protection is a lavish protective circuitry in order to provide the maximum level of equipment safety. It will keep equipment safe whatever way the surge will enter, while competitors usually satisfy only Live to Zero surges.


Supra LoRad MD mains blocks are designed to shield and filter noise and protect the electronic gear from surges and DC (Direct Current) on the mains power.

(Also available in 8 outlet version with 2 high current Non Filtered outlets.)

The NIF-filter (Non-Intrusive Filtering, courtesy of Ben Duncan Research in UK) is a mild RFI filter damping the high frequency noise from all modern household sources.

DC is a result of the increasing number of household appliances that load the AC mains power asymmetrically, introducing a small (0.5 – 3 Volts) but highly malicious DC component.

Our high-end three-way surge protection is designed to shunt high voltage peaks/transients from harming your Hifi gear. Aluminum is a very potent magnetic field insulation. Our mains block as well as adjacent devices is efficiently shielded from both electric, electro-magnetic and magnetic fields, a much wanted property where there is high currents rushing.

Customer benefits

Noise damping up to 40 dB! Nominally 3,6 Volt DC lift to prevent non-linearity, iron core saturation and heat NIF- and DC-filter works also without protective earth wall socket Plays out from a pitch black background offering all micro dynamics and sound stage Distinct and articulate bass reproduction NIF-filter slope increase for every socket from mains block feed connector First socket un-filtered Internal wiring of 2.5 mm2 oxygen-free copper leads Support a staggering peak power 3680 Watt @ 230 Volt and 16 Ampere Wall mounted or standing on a flat hard surface. Rubber feet and brackets included

Preserves and increases dynamics LoRad cord sets further reduce noise by 6-12 dB! Custom tailored NIF-filter from Ben Duncan Research in UK SP three-way surge protection rejects close perimeter lightning Shielded aluminum chassis prevents electric, electro-magnetic and magnetic fields


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