Supra LoRad 3×2.5 SPC (Silver Plated) Pwr Cable 1.5Mtr – Furutech FI-AU3112G


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Supra LoRad SPC – Silver Plated Copper mains flex 40TH Anniversary cable!

HiFI Choice Recommended April 2017

Fitted with Furutech FI-AU3112 and Supra IEC SWF-10S Gold plated plugs.

We proudly present a brand new LoRad mains flex version comprising Silver Plated Copper strands for dramatically improved conductivity properties in addition to the Supra LoRad benchmark features.
HiFi Choice Recommended April 2017 – read the review here:

The Supra LoRad product range is now well-known throughout Europe and the world and is used in hospitals, flight control towers, etc. where there is no room for system malfunction due to electro-magnetic interference deriving from multiple sources.

Features and benefits

SPC – Silver plated copper, one of natures most powerful electrical conductor there is.
LoRad stands for low radiation of electric and magnetic alternating fields.
LoRad shielded design will result in a cleaner sound, better picture and a more healthy home and working environment with low levels of harmful fields.

Furutech plugs recognised by many as the best available for HiFi.

Unbeatable price-performance ratio
Made in Sweden!

The cable must be connected to a wall socket with a ground terminal for the full LoRad effect


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