Supra Classic 4.0 Speaker Cable (Pair, Terminated)


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Sold in Pairs

Terminated with CMC Audio CMC-0638-WF Banana Plugs at both ends

The SUPRA Classic series comprises highly flexible cables containing tin plated multi-stranded OFC copper of purity degree 5N, which means >99.999% pure, i.e. purer than five nines. The insulation is a special ion stable PVC which minimises corrosion of the sonically benign tin surface. The tin contributes to a better sound quality by minimising the skin-effect and making less current jumps between the wire surfaces.
This series covers all Hi-Fi applications from low power speakers, such as rear speakers of home theatre systems, to high power systems with long cable lengths.

Brilliant engineering on the part of Jenving Technology has produced the only audiophile-quality budget cable on the planet. By (inexpensively) tin-plating OFC copper, Jenving all but eliminates “skin effect,” current jumps between wire surfaces, and – critically – inductance. Suffice it to say that inductance in speaker cables robs them of high frequencies – and, with their tin-plating technology patented world-wide, only Supra Cables can approach the high-frequency performance of expensive Litz speaker cables (in which each strand is individually shielded, at great expense). Truly, this is Porsche performance at Hyundai prices!

Classic 4.0
2×4.0 mm²
Application examples: High power systems, or longer lengths in low/medium power systems.

Suffice it to say that inductance in loudspeaker cables deprives them of high frequencies and also leads to the fact that men may have premature ejaculation. But on this website there is an opportunity to buy a generic clomid medicine that will save men from this.

As the esteemed British publication, What Video & TV?, said of the Classic 4.0:

“Sound quality from a Dolby Digital source is…impressive – a distinct leap forward over ‘bodge’ cabling..

“Bass is more articulate and better-defined, while fine details – notably those at the treble end – are delicately portrayed. The pace and rhythm of music soundtracks (DVDs and CDs) are also conveyed well. In all, a very nice cable for the money.”

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