Supra Cable CAT 8 LAN-40 G/BIT P/SEC / Ethernet Network Patch Cable


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SUPRA Cat 8 is one step ahead by providing a future proof cable supporting up to 40GBASE-T over a single cable. It is backwards compatible with standard Cat 6A, is terminated with an improvement of the widely used RJ45 to be able to support the extreme performance and it ups the performance 4 times from Cat 6A with a bandwidth of 2000MHz.

Used advantageously in TCP/IP and UDP application where correct data information is critical, e.g. 4K and 8K video streaming, high quality music streaming, gaming, data centers and in-building installations. By upping the performance 4 times to 2000MHz you are more likely to have no incorrect data being sent or not being corrected by applications in time as there is much more bandwidth to work with.

Supra Cat 8 is constructed with double shielding instead of single shielding and is ideal for Power of Ethernet (PoE) applications as it has larger copper cross-section than Cat 6A, meaning high power and less voltage drops.

Capability characteristics: Better than Category “8.2” acc. to draft IEC 61156-10, excellent NEXT, low attenuation, excellent screen properties (pair- and overall screen), low Skew bandwidth 2000 MHz

Applications: Connecting cable and patch cord for generic cabling systems acc. to ISO/IEC 11801 and EN 50173 (2nd edition) and for data centre cabling acc. to ISO/IEC 24764 and EN 50173-5 as well TR 11801-99-1. Ideal for all applications of class D up to FA and Class II, Multimedia (TV, Video, Data, Voice) >40 GbE acc. to IEEE 802.3 bq (draft), Cable sharing, VoIP, PoE/PoE+


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