SMSL VMV P2 Hi-Res HPA Headphone Amplifier




>Fully Balanced High-Power Headphone Amplifier.

>Clean Output With No Audible Noise Floor.

>Extremely Solid SNR, THD+N Performance.

>Powerful Output Circuit With 99 OPAMP Chips in Parallel Design.

>New, Solid Appearance Design.

>Multiple Output Options, 4.4mm, 4-pin XLR Balanced, and 6.35mm Single-Ended Outputs.

>XLR+RCA Pre-Amp Output.

>Built-in High-Efficiency Low-Noise Power Supply.

>High-Quality Relay and No Impact Sound Design.

>DC, Overvoltage, and Overload protection.

>Specially Developed Volume Potentiometer.

>Precise Volume Adjustment.

>Three-Level Gain Modes.

>CNC Machined Metallic Chassis.

>Compact High-Power Design.

>Output Power: 12W@16Ω/6W@32Ω impedance load.

SMSL VMV P2 is a high-power fully balanced headphone amplifier designed with 99-independent OPAMPs arranged in a parallel configuration. The VMV P2 produces a whooping 12W of clean output at 16Ω of impedance and 6W of clean output at 32Ω of impedance load. The amplifier maintains ultra-low distortion performance along with high SNR performance promising a crystal clear output with no audible noise floor. Its humongous output power drives even the demanding headphones with ease. It has a three-level adjustable gain switch with low gain specially optimized for IEMs. Unleash the true potential of your headphones and IEMs with the all-new SMSL VMV P2 fully-balanced headphone amplifier!!

Super-Powerful Headphone Amplifier:-

The SMSL VMV P2 is a high-power amplifier where the output power reaches up to 12W at 16Ω and 6W at 32Ω of impedance load. It is suitable for demanding IEMs and headphones as it can drive them with ease.

Fully Balanced Design:-

SMSL has designed the VMV P2 with a fully balanced design architecture. the amplifier has 99 opamps placed precisely in parallel configuration. It has 4-way ultra-low distortion precision linear feedback circuits. It takes a 3-pin XLR balanced input and provides 4-pin XLR and 4.4mm balanced headphone outputs. We also have an RCA single-ended input and a 6.35mm single-ended output option.

Three-Level Gain Modes:-

Easily pair the SMSL VMV P2 headphone amplifier with demanding Headphones as well as sensitive IEMs. The amplifier has three-level adjustable gain modes with the low gain specifically optimized for pairing with IEMs.

Excellent Performance With Quality Components:-

SMSL has designed the VMV P2 headphone amplifier with quality products to deliver an enhanced sound output. The amplifier has a specially developed volume potentiometer for reduced channel deviation and precise volume adjustments, a high-quality relay and no impact design for comprehensive protection against issues such as DC, Overvoltage, and overload, high-efficiency and low-noise power supply for enhanced power delivery to every component on the audio circuitry etc.


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