SMSL M500 MKII MQA ES9038PRO DSD512 LDAC Headphone Amplifier



Availability: 5 – 7 Days



Ten years of ingenuity, with professional technology and attitude, present you with a high-quality auditory banquet.

M5O0MKII uses the high-end ES9038PRO D/A chip of American ESS company, with the use of ES9311, ESS high-performance DAC dedicated power chip ES9311, power supply noise is as low as 1μVrms, the third-generation ES9038PRO circuit design, distortion is as low as -123dB, and more stable!

The brand-new self-developed CK-02 clock processing circuit greatly reduces clock jitter!

The latest XMOS XU216 USB solution
USB uses the latest second-generation XMOS XU-216, a true 32bit USB solution, with customized drivers for the transmission of various high-definition audio, DoP, and native DSD can provide better support.


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