SIVGA Phoenix Over Back Zebra Wood Headphones




  • SPECIAL FILM – The uniquely developed polycarbonate film and the independently developed diaphragm structure not only solve the shortcomings of the diaphragm being easily deformed, but also bring a new listening experience.
  • SOUND – Triple frequency equalization. Clean background, clear layering and wide sound field show natural sound, the high frequency is fresh and gorgeous, the low frequency is moderate, and the bass dive is flexible.
  • WEARING DESIGN – According to the ergonomically shaped design, the inner layer is made of inert sponge, and the skin close to the face is made of skin-friendly velvet, which is comfortable and soft to wear.
  • LOW IMPEDANCE – 32Ω low impedance makes more devices fit it. Only need to match good music, whether ordinary mobile phones or computers can vividly play the sound quality effect. Of course, if you use a professional player, there will be better results.


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