SIVGA Nightingale 14.5mm Planar Driver Wired HiFi IEM





>Large Sized 14.5mm Planar Driver Unit.

>Dual-Magnetic Structure.

>Aviation-Grade Aluminum Alloy CNC-Machined Driver Frame.

>Unique Water Droplet Cavity Shape.

>Solid Wooden Face Plates.

>CNC-Machined Metallic Housing.

>Rich and Delicate Sound Tuning.

>Comfortable Wearing Experience.

>High-End Silver-Plated Copper Cable.

>4.4mm Balanced Termination.

>0.78mm 2-pin Connectors.

Technical Information:-

>Impedance: 16Ω.

>Sensitivity: 100dB.

>Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz.

>Termination Plug: 4.4mm.

SIVGA joins the Planar-Magnetic Driver arrangement with the all-new Sivga Nightingale. This beautifully crafted IEM houses a powerful sound with the help of a 14.5mm ultra-thin diaphragm planar driver unit. The pair has a luxurious finish with a CNC machined aluminium alloy cavity structure matched with premium-quality solid wooden face panels. SIVGA has adjusted the tuning of the Nightingale to deliver quality sound with unmatched resolution, impressive dynamics, and a big sound stage. Enjoy an amazing sound experience with the Sivga Nightingale!!

In-House Developed Planar Magnetic Driver Unit:-

Sivga has developed a brand-new 14.5mm dual-magnetic planar magnetic driver unit. This driver adopts a dual-magnetic field rectangular array structure along with an aviation-grade CNC-machined aluminium alloy frame and an ultra-thin composite material diaphragm to ensure fast, snappy, punchy sound performance with transparent and clean treble and wide, big soundstage while retaining the smooth and natural sound!!

Exclusive Craftsmanship For A Luxurious Finish:-

The Sivga Nightingale IEMs have water-droplet-shaped ergonomic ear cavities that are uniquely crafted using CNC-machined aluminium alloy front metal housing and carefully crafted solid-wooden face plates. The pair has a delicate and elegant finish giving luxurious and premium vibes.

Professionally Adjusted For Pleasant Sound Reproduction:-

Sivga Nightingale features the scientific combination of an ultra-thin composite diaphragm along with a powerful magnetic structure, with professional tuning adjustments, the pair promises quality sound with high-resolution clarity, detailed treble, punchy bass response, and rich, dynamic vocals.

High-End Stock Cable:-

Sivga Nightingale comes with a high-purity Japanese square silver-plated copper cable. The cable has a 4-strand configuration with imported high-gloss soft PVC outer shielding. With high-quality wire cores, the pair achieves quality sound with low distortion and offers smooth signal transmission.

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