SIVGA Luan Dynamic Driver Open-Back Over-Ear Wood Headphone


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>Premium Dynamic Driver Open-Back Headphones.

>High-Definition Sound.

>Deep, Clear Bass Response.

>Smooth & Organic Midrange.

>Delicate, Smooth, Fatigue-Free Treble.

>Large 50mm Dynamic Driver Unit.

>Nickel Coated, Composite Carbon Diaphragm.

>Copper-Clad ALuminum Materiał Coil.

>High-Power Magnetic Circuit System.

>Lightweight & Comfortable Design.

>Handmade Wooden Earcups.

>Skin-Friendly Velvet Earpad & Headband.

>CNC Machined Metallic Bracket & Connecting Parts on the Headband.

>Detachable 3.5mm connector Cable.

>Comes With a High-Quality Leather Case.

Technical Information:-

>Impedance: 38Ω.

>Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz.

>Weight: 354grams.

>Sensitivity: 100dB.

Siva Luan is a high-resolution dynamic driver full-size headphone with rich hand-made wooden ear cups. The headphone has an open-back architecture and offers exciting sound output with a large 50mm dynamic driver unit. The headphones have been carefully designed with top-quality materials to ensure superior build and excellent sound!!

Specially Designed 50mm Dynamic Driver Unit:-

Sivga Luan houses a large 50mm dynamic driver unit that has been carefully designed with high-quality materials such as nickel coating, carbon fiber composite dome, and copper-clad aluminum material coil. It has been optimized to deliver excellent sound with deep-bass response, and smooth full-layered midrange response. Treble is also nicely reproduced in a smooth manner promising a fatigue-free listening experience.

High-Power Magnetic Circuit:-

Sivga has featured a high-strength and stable magnetic circuit system on the Luan. The headphones have a built-in 24.5mm oversized and high-magnetic NdFeB Neodymium magnet. It produces a strong Tesla-level magnetic force that ensures high sensitivity and clean sound with lower distortion.

Excellent Wearing Comfort:-

Sivga Luan has a lightweight and ergonomic design. The headphone adopts high-quality skin-friendly velvet ear pads & headband that ensures a comfortable wearing experience for the listeners. The frame of the headphones is supported by a high-quality CNC machined metallic build.

Handmade Wooden EarCups:-

Like most other headphones from Sivga, the latest Luan also features wooden ear cups. The housing is made up of solid-stabilized wooden material precisely carved using a CNC machining process. Each ear cup has a unique texture and look. Wooden textured ear cups also help in reducing resonance sound reflections in an IEM.

Detachable Cable:-

Sivga Luan headphones use a standard 3.5mm connector cable, which makes it compatible with most cables out there in the market. The stock cable is also of high-quality ensuring superior sound performance!! With TPU rubber coating, there are no microphonic issues with the cable either.

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