Shanling EM5 DAC Desktop Streaming Digital Music Player Headphone Amplifier



  • Premium AKM AK4493 DAC chip.
  • Hi-Res decoding support(PCM 32-Bit/768kHz, DSD256 native, DSD512 Software).
  • CPAF Low-Pass Filtering.
  • Independent Power Supply.
  • Dual band WiFi(2.4GHz/5GHz).
  • Customised Closed Android OS.
  • Suitable for both low sensitivity as well as high sensitivity gears.
  • Powerful output rating achieving ump to 1620mW@32Ω.
  • Single-Ended as well as Balanced Headphone output(6.35mm, 4.4mm, XLR).
  • MQA Support.
  • 4.7” Touch Screen Display.
  • Two-way Bluetooth with LDAC transmission support.
  • Airplay, DLNA support.
  • Compatible with Shanling Companion app.
  • Four gain levels.
  • Can be used as a Pre-Amp in a HiFi audio chain too.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 238*188*55mm.
  • Display: 4.7” IPS (720×1280).
  • Adjustable Gain: 4 Gain stages.
  • DAC: AKM AK4493EQ.
  • Digital Filters: 6 pre-set options.
  • Power Supply: 100V/110-120V/220-240V versions.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: V4.2. (LDAC/APTX HD, AptX, SBC codec support.

Output Parameters:


  • Output Power: 15.99mW@32Ω(Low), 56.56mW@32Ω(Medium gain), 195mW@32Ω(High gain), 570mW@32Ω(Turbo).
  • SNR: 118dB@32Ω.
  • Channel Separation: 70dB@32Ω.
  • Dynamic Range: 118dB@32Ω.
  • Distortion: 0.0027%@32Ω.
  • Output Impedance: <0.8Ω.


  • Output Power(32Ω): 61mW(low), 165mW(Mid), 577mW(High gain). 1620mW(Turbo gain).
  • SNR: 120dB.
  • Channel Separation: 106dB.
  • Dynamic Range: 120dB.
  • Distortion: 0.0009%.
  • Output Impedance: <1.6Ω.

Smooth & Natural Sound With Premium AKM DAC Chip:

Shanling EM5 is designed with AKM’s widely trusted AK4493EQ DAC chip. It provides the smooth and natural in-house sound of Shanling with Hi-Res signal decoding supporting 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD256 decoding. Shanling has tuned it with over 30 years of experience presenting a natural sound for the users.

Your Personalised Streaming Center:

Shanling EM5 is a streaming center designed to use at home. It serves as a standalone music system without the requirement for any computer or complicated settings. It allows you to directly access your music via a microSD card. Shanling has featured a deeply customized closed Android OS with the EM5, it supports multiple streaming apps including Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, and more.

Separated Power Supply For Analog & Digital Components:

Shanling has over 33 years of experience in designing HiFi audio gear. They have used that expertise in designing the EM5, featuring separated power supply architecture. To achieve ideal sound, they have separated the power for analog and digital components. Analog components are powered by a small and highly-efficient toroidal transformer. The digital section is powered by a switching power supply with a specially designed voltage stabilizing circuit. Expect just pure sound with no interference from the power supply.

Four-Channel Balanced Headphone Amp Circuit:

EM5 has got a newly-designed 4-channel balanced amplifier circuit. It uses an OP+BUF audio architecture for providing powerful performance with lower distortion and clean background. The EM5 has four different gain modes allowing the users to use sensitive as well as demanding headphones with the device.

Premium Components For Premium Performance:

Shanling EM5 is a premium-grade device. It is loaded with premium audio components that ensure quality performance, this includes KDS crystal oscillators, 3rd Gen FPGA, High-precision thin film resistors, Panasonic tantalum-polymer capacitors, and more.

High-Res Two-Way Bluetooth Support:

Shanling EM5 supports two-way Bluetooth connectivity(V4.2) with high-resolution LDAC streaming support. It supports LDAC, LHDC, APTX HD, AptX, and SBC codecs in the transmitter mode and LDAC, SBC in the Receiver mode. Apart from the built-in Streaming Apps, the EM5 also supports Airplay, DLNA, or connection to a NAS server.

Fully Compatible With Shanling Companion Application:

Take full control of the EM5 using the Shanling Music application on any android device. It offers complete display mirroring, giving the users access to all the features of the EM5 from their smartphone directly.


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