Thor Technologies PS10 Smart Power Station

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On top of the pristine power produced by the Smart Station we have included our State of the Art, 8 outlet, Smart Board (pat pending). When attached to the Smart Power Station it delivers DOUBLE the protection and DOUBLE the filtration, incorporating our Dynamic Active Tracking Technology. In addition to this there are 3 isolated banks on the Smart Board ensuring there is no “cross talk” or interference between components connected after the Smart Station. Add the 5 separate earth lines which is a hum/loop reducing feature and performance enhancement is almost a given.

This configuration can be argued as being the best combination available for providing pure and precise 240 (or 220) volts to your valuable electrical equipment. Equipment that was designed to run on 240 (or 220) volt power ensuring you get maximum performance and enjoyment for many years. When it comes to minimising risk, we make no wild or glossy promises. Our products do what they say they do – it is that simple!


o    FEATURING NEW customised front facia and blue LCD screen

o    Double Filtration And Double Protection
Combination Equals Total Power Management

o    Pure Unpolluted 240V Sinewave Power 24/7

o    Soft Start – Gentle Power Build Up

o    Whisper Quiet Servo Motor For Voltage Calibration

o    Microprocessor Controls

o    Dual Led Display Indicating Incoming Power And Output Power

o    10 Other Led Alerts Showing Various Power Changes Instantly

o    Frontline Filtering And Surge Protection Through Power Station

o    Double Filter Trap And Double Voltage Protection Through Custom 8 Way Smart Board

o    Incorporating Dynamic Active Tracking Filtering Technology

o    3 In 1 Isolation

o    8 Outlets

o    Data & Aerial Protection

o    Cable TV Adaptor

o    Fibre Optic & Broadband Compatible




Description Specification
Supply Voltage 240/Vac 50Hz
Maximum Current Rating 10amps/2400 W (Va)
Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Operating Voltage 180v – 260v
Incoming Voltage out of designed range (i.e. 180v – 260v) if input was 270v then output would be approx 250v to 255v
Incoming Voltage out of designed range (i.e. 180v – 260v) if input voltage was 140v then output would be approx 230v – 235v
Safety Approval No. RCM 5287
Model No PS10 2013
Double Filtration and Protection Management A12 Smart Board included


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