Kinera Gumiho 10mm Square Planar Driver + 1BA IEM




10mm Square Planar Driver + 1BA IEM

In order to achieve a more natural and harmonious sound performance, Kinera Celest Gumiho adopts the new generation 10*10mm Square Planar Driver, complemented with a Kinera custom Balanced Armature. Planar driver breaks the limit of low-frequency and presents a deep bass while BA driver attains a delicate yet elegant high frequency.

The Inspiration of Kinera Gumiho

The image of Gumiho on the faceplate is inspired by Chinese mythology-a book named “Classic of Mountains and Rivers” . Gumiho is one of the most familiar characters by the public as it represents auspiciousness, expectations and prosperity. Finely engraved cloud patterns, depicting a lifelike scene of Gumiho stepping on the clouds and riding the wind. Color matching cavity and embossed patterns make Gumiho an art of modern aesthetics and traditional culture.

Shocking Bass, Surprising Tuning

The highlight of Gumiho earphone must be its shocking low frequency performance. You will enjoy a speaker-like loose and natural sound with texture, volume, and transient response. Mids and highs are not neglected. Vocals are clear and detailed while the high frequency is flexible and extended. Gumiho has an excellent management to maintain the harmony and consistency of the sound to present a bright, pleasant and not elegant sound.

Detachable Silver-plated+Alloy Copper Cable

Included cable of Gumiho is made of 124 strands of silver-plated copper and alloy pure copper, via 4 core cross knitting technique. 0.78mm 2Pin universal connector is compatible with most replacement cables. Detachable features means you can easily and freely replace it with your preferred cable.

3D Printed Ergonomic Shell, Comfortable Wearing

3D printed cavity is another shining point of Gumiho. Smooth contour lines and unique cavity shape ensures comfort even for long-time wearing session. With frosted process and careful craftsmanship, the shell is resistant to everyday wear and tear.

10mm SPD+1BA
Frequency Response Range
0.78mm 2Pin connectors
Product Weight
about 8.6g±19.4g(with cable)
Plug material
pure copper
Cable Length
about 1.25m
Cable material
silver-plated copper+alloy pure copper
Cable diameter
about 1.3mm/core
Cable braid way
4 core cross knitting
124 strands of 0.05mm
Protective cover
high transparent soft PVC
What’s in the Package?
Gumiho in-ear monitors
0.78mm 2pin cable
Silicon rubber eartips*6 pairs
Storage bag
Cleaning brush


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