Inakustik Reference Spade Lug KS-103 (Set of 4 pcs)



The cable receptacle and the plug are constructed in one piece so that contact resistance can be avoided. The surface coating of rhodium is extremely durable. A special feature is the slotted spade lug, achieved through the slot contact spring deforming when tightening the screw concave, and thus preventing the cable from slipping out of terminals. Suitable for in-akustik Reference speaker cables or all high end speaker cables with a diameter up to 10 mm².

  • Rhodium-coated
  • Spade Lug in one piece
  • Cable cross-section: 10 mm²
  • Cable diameter: 9.2 mm max.
  • Spring-loaded for better contact
  • Staged spade lug 8 mm/6 mm


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