Inakustik LS-104 Micro Air Reference BFA Plugs (3.0m Pair)

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  • Micro AIR Technology
  • AIR dielectric
  • Concentric Copper wire construction
  • Single Wire
  • Available as BFA, Cable lug or Easy-Plug variant

The LS-104 is an excellent entry-level model to the MICRO AIR series. It already clearly stands out from standard cables and demonstrates the acoustic potential of this technology. Especially sensitive amplifiers harmonise perfectly with this cable. The REFERENCE LS-104 MICRO AIR provides an open and more relaxed sound. It is also available with BFA Bananas or cable lugs and as an Easy-Plug variant.

  • Standard length: 2 × 3.0 m
  • 2 x 2,62mm2

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3.0m Pair


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