IKKO OH10S 10mm Dual-Magnet Titanium-Coated DD+Knowles 33518 BA Drivers IEM


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>Dual-Driver Hybrid Setup.

>10mm Titanium-Coated Dynamic Driver Unit.

>Knowles Premium 33518 Balanced Armature Driver Unit.

>Advanced Crossover Circuit.

>Stunning Designer Looks.

>Photochromic Glass Finish.

>Copper Alloy Cavity Design.

>High-Quality Stock Cable.

>Easy Driveability.

>Comfortable Fit, Proper Isolation.

>Elegant Designer Looks.

>Smooth, Detailed, Lively Sound.

IKKO OH10S is a new-generation dual-driver hybrid IEM from the brand. As the name suggests, the OH10S is an upgrade over the classic OH10 which is widely acclaimed for its outstanding sound performance. IKKO has designed the architecture with a similar 1DD+1BA driver configuration, although this time we have a 10mm dual-magnetic titanium-coated dynamic driver unit alongside a Knowles 33518 BA driver implemented together with an advanced crossover circuit. The looks of the OH10S ear shells are simply unique & beautiful. They are made with Photochromic glass which looks simple at a far glance but under proper lighting conditions gives a stunning Sapphire-Hued look!!

Traditional Driver Combination, Modern Crossover Circuit:-

IKKO has featured a traditional DD+BA driver hybrid configuration on the OH10S, but they have implemented the drivers together using an advanced high-precision crossover circuit. It utilizes ultra-thin film capacitors to enhance the sound performance of the pair by reducing the background noise and presenting a cleaner sound to the listeners.

High-Quality Dynamic Driver Unit:-

IKKO has designed a new 10mm dual-magnetic titanium-coated dynamic driver unit for the OH10S. The driver produces a powerful and detailed lower-end response while preserving the natural and lovely tone known for the OH10 series of IEMs. You are greeted with a strong mid-bass and a rumbling sub-bass that enhances your listening experience.

Premium Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers:-

Accompanying the customized dynamic driver unit, we have a Knowles 33518 high-performance balanced armature driver unit. It produces absolutely brilliant clarity and amazing resolution on the OH10S. Experience your favorite music with amazing clarity!!

Stunning Build With Copper Alloy Shell & Photochromic Glass:-

The OH10S boasts a stunning design with high-quality copper alloy ear shells and photochromic glass on the face covers. The glass looks simple and transparent but it turns into a captivating blue sapphire look under sunlight. It’s a strong glass finish which is durable in the long run as well. The copper cavity material has a luxurious PVD coating that elevates the sound experience by minimizing internal harmonic resonance distortion.

High-Quality Stock Cable:-

IKKO OH10S comes packed with a high-quality stock cable. It has standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors and a single-ended 3.5mm termination for easy usage. The high-purity core material of the cable enhances the listening experience for the listeners by providing smooth signal transmission with lower internal resistance.




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