iBasso PB5 OSPREY Dual Nutube 6P1 Vacuum Balanced Tubes Portable Amplifier




>High-End Portable Tube Headphone Amplifier.

>Dual NuTube 6P1 Vacuum Tubes.

>Robust Power Supply System With Six Batteries.

>Highly-Precise 24-Level 4-Section Stepped Volume Adjustment.

>Tremendously Powerful.

>Up to 1700mW Per Channel Output at 32Ω Impedance.

>Two Step Suspension & Cathode Input.

>Exquisite Components For Exclusive Sound.

Technical Specifications:-

>Output Voltage: 9Vrms(4.4mm), 4.5Vrms(3.5mm).

>Output Power: 1700mW+1700mW(32Ω).

>Line-in Voltage: <2.5V.

>Output Impedance: 0.25Ω(4.4mm), 0Ω(3.5mm).

>Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz.

>Recommended Headphone Impedance: 8-600Ω.

>Inputs: 4.4mm.

>Output: 4.4mm+3.5mm.

>Gain: +11.5dB(High), +2dB(Low-Gain).

>Charging Time: 2.5 hours.

>Battery Life: Up to 10.5 hours.

Experience the magic with the all-new iBasso PB5 Osprey, a high-end balanced tube portable amplifier for headphones. This stunning amplifier brings a purely analog sound with its dual NuTube 6P1 Vacuum tube design. It offers unprecedented performance with a rich tone and an analog character throughout the frequency band. The amplifier has a 24-position 4-section stepped attenuator volume adjustment that allows you precise adjustment with both channels. iBasso PB5 has a six-battery design with a powerful amp section producing up to 1700mW per channel output at 32Ω of impedance load. iBasso brings you pinnacle of the performance with the outstanding PB5 Tube Headphone Amplifier.

Experience The Pure Analog Magic:-

iBasso PB5 brings a purely analog sound with its dual hybrid tube design. It brings a charming sound with a rich tone and clear dynamics. The high-end NuTubes add a rich flavor to the sound bringing lovely vocals and a magical tone.

Dual NuTube 6P1 Tubes:-

Developed by KORG and Noritake, the 6th gen NuTube on the iBasso PB5 operates exactly as a conventional triode vacuum tube and creates the same rich and dynamic overtones that are appreciated in a desktop tube amplifier. NuTube achieves substantial power savings with a high-efficiency design. Voltage amplification is also achieved with the NuTube, which results in a captivating and distinctive vacuum tube sound.

High-Efficiency Power Circuit:-

iBasso PB5 adopts a high-efficiency power circuit. The amplifier utilizes six batteries for a robust power supply system. The NuTubes are powered by two batteries while the other 4 batteries provide power to the secondary amplifier. With this high-efficiency circuit, the output is clean and crisp with no audible noise or power interference.

Precise Volume Adjustment:-

iBasso PB5 features extremely diminutive 24-position, 4-section stepped attenuator. It provides optimal analog volume control that greatly enhances the ability to showcase distinctive analog tones and provides excellently precise volume adjustment for both channels.

Tremendously Powerful:-

Along with the rich tone, we also have high-power output from the iBasso PB5. It has a strong output power rating of up to 1700mW per channel at 32Ω of impedance load. It can drive high-power requiring IEMs and Headphones without breaking a sweat.



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