HiBy Zeta 3-Hybrid 4-EST 5-Way Artistic In-Ear Monitors IEM



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Presenting the all-new HiBy Zeta, a flagship revolutionary IEM with a nine-driver tribrid configuration featuring true 5-way electronic and physical frequency crossover. With a specially developed Spatial Harmonic Enhancement Structure, HiBy Zeta brings unprecedented audio capabilities bringing high-fidelity sound performance like a concert hall that goes beyond your imagination!!

Reproduce Every Minute Detail With A Nine-Driver Hybrid Configuration:-

With the Zeta, HiBy has gone all-out in designing their best pair of in-ear monitors yet. In order to deliver top-quality performance, Zeta features a nine-driver tribrid configuration housing a combination of a dynamic, balanced armature, and electrostatic drivers on each side. Each driver has been configured precisely to produce every single detail in our music easily!! This configuration includes a 10mm liquid silicone surround dynamic driver, four high-performance Knowles and Sonion Balanced Armature drivers, and four high-performance 3rd-generation EST drivers from Sonion.

Five-Way Independent Physical & Electronic Crossover:-

HiBy has equipped the Zeta with a specially-designed five-way independent physical and electronic crossover. This is achieved using physical acoustic tubes with each band producing different independent frequencies(sub-bass, mid-low, mid-high, high, and ultra-high). It works flawlessly with the five-way electronic crossover allowing the different drivers to work as a single whole unit. The pair achieves a highly coherent sound with smooth, warm, natural transitions and perseveres all the musical details.

Spatial Harmonic Enhancement Structure:-

Through fine calculations and numerous tests, HiBy has designed the perfect aerodynamic structure to improve driver efficiency and further enhance sound performance. This specially developed spatial harmonic enhancement structure also helps in balancing the pressure of each acoustic chamber and achieving the correct acoustic impedance for each set of drivers.

Extra-Ordinary Looks For Extra-Ordinary Pair:-

Zeta is built like a true flagship pair with high-strength titanium material ear shells. The pair has a strong, abrasion-resistant build with a rich, premium finish. High-quality titanium material also eliminates any unwanted shell resonance. The pair is crafted using a high-precision CNC machined technique.

Lightweight & Ergonomic Design:-

Designed after analysis of a huge collection of ear sample data, HiBy Zeta features an ergonomic shape that promises a comfortable fit for most users. It is universally comfortable and provides a firm fit.

Premium 8-Core Litz Fully Balanced OCC Copper Cable:-

HiBy bundles the Zeta with a premium 8-core Litz braided fully-balanced OCC Copper cable that greatly enhances the sound output of the pair. This cable adopts a truly-balanced 4.4mm 5-pole termination plug. It is made using 22AWG wires that are braided together in a Litz structure. It offers low resistance and shows low loss to the signal during transmission. The pair uses 2-pin 0.78mm connectors that will allow you to change or upgrade of the cable whenever required.

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