Hiby R8 II High End Digital Audio Player


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The R8 II is tuned in keeping with the “Portable Concert Hall” ethos of the original R8, but takes one step further, in filling out the large soundstage projected by the series with a new level of detail and density, truly bringing the openess and power of an orchestral performance into a portable listening environment, all thanks to the all-new Darwin-MPA architecture.

Multiphase PWM array, 16-way current-mode DAC. The Darwin-MPA (Multiphase PWM Array) continues the flexible design of Darwin-R2R, having most of the same distinguishing features as Darwin-R2R. To work with the internal delta-sigma modulators, input signals are oversampled to 128x via the flexible Darwin v2 filter system (which may optionally emulate various types of non-oversampling DAC functionality via the 3 built-in NOS filters or follow a hybrid approach via the built-in Darwin Ultra filter). The oversampling (or non-oversampling) processing follows a cascaded FIR design with a highly precise 1024-tap opening stage.

The output stage includes 16 channels of current-mode D/A conversion, in conjunction with I/V conversion amplification and “lowpass” filtering only at MHz frequencies thanks to the exemplary oversampling (or non-oversampling) implementation for an exquisitely open sound of extraordinary bandwidth that is provided at a modest power consumption, in keeping with the identity of a “portable” DAP.


  • Dual chassis curves
  • Surgical-grade high-gloss stainless steel chassis
  • Alcantara backplate
  • Classical tuning
  • Darwin-MPA architecture
  • Class A / AB dual headamp circuits
  • Turbo mode
  • Flagship-grade audio componentry
  • Dedicated femtosecond accuracy crystal oscillators
  • 12000mAh battery
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 665
  • 8+256GB storage
  • Android 12 OS with unlimited app installations
  • 5.9” 1080p large display
  • Systemwide bitperfect audio (Direct Transfer Architecture)
  • DSD1024 PCM1536kHz/32bit
  • Systemwide HiByCast remote control
  • MQA 16x audio unfolding
  • 3.5 / 4.4mm dual audio ports
  • 2.4 / 5G dual-band WiFi
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • PD2.0 fast charge


  • R8 II device proper
  • TPU / Alcantara case
  • Type-C charging / data cable
  • Screen protector x2 (1 pre-applied directly on to screen)
  • Port protector films x2
  • User guide, warranty card, QC certificate


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