HiBy R6 GEN III Class A/AB Digital Audio Player



  • Dual ES9038Q2M
  • Class A / AB amplification switch
  • Large 4500mAh battery
  • Dual pro audio crystal oscillators
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 SoC
  • 4+64GB storage
  • Android 12 Open Android 12 OS
  • DTA Systemwide bitperfect audio
  • HiByCast Systemwide remote control
  • MQA 16X Support
  • DSD512 PCM768
  • 3.5mm & 4.4mm dual audio headphone / dedicated line outputs
  • USB DAC out / coaxial digital out / analog line out
  • 5” 720p display
  • 2.4G / 5GHz dual band WiFi
  • 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0
  • PD2.0 quick charge


High performance dual ES9038Q2M DAC

The HiBy R6 GEN III is equipped with Dual ES9038Q2M DACs, working in tandem whether in SE or balanced mode for full-time maximum fidelity. Voltage mode amplification in tandem with class A amplification delivers the optimal balance between fidelity, power and efficiency. Thanks to this impressive DAC configuration, Hiby R6 GEN III supports Native DSD512 and PCM 32bit / 768kHz sample rates.


Class A / AB Amplification Modes at the touch of a button

The HiBy R6 GEN III features Class A amplification constructed from 2 OPA1652 opamps and 16 extra hand-matched transistors, producing zero-crossover distortion and fast transient response. 4 Elna audio capacitors further improve musical texture.

The Class A amplification mode’s full-time peak power output ensures that it drives large over ear headphones and high impedance earphones to better effect. The Class A amplifier can drive complex loads as though they were simple, and with excellent control through any musical passage. (Heat dissipation and power consumption increase significantly in Class A mode).

With class A and AB amplification both available at the touch of a button, you decide on the optimal power consumption / sound quality tradeoff for the given portable / stationary use, and the player takes on IEMs up to full size headphones with equal aplomb.


Large 4500 mAh Battery

With up to 15 hour battery capacity using single-ended outputs, or up to 12 hours with balanced (class AB), the R6 GEN III’s large battery ensures musical bliss day in, day out wherever you go!

Headphone Output 3.5mm PO 4.4 mm BAL
Class A 9 hours 6 hours
Class AB 15 hours 12 hours


Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 SoC

Utilizing an advanced 11nm silicon process, the R6 GEN III’s SoC chip represents a jump in the performance in the R series, for effortless multitasking and heavyweight audio processing.


SRC Systemwide bitperfect audio in Android 12

HiBy R6 GEN III features an all-new upgraded Android 12 system, re-coded from the ground up for faster operation from the same hardware.

The Direct Transport Architecture (DTA), unique to HiByOS, bypasses sample rate conversion from deep within the system kernel, allowing even 3rd party apps to enjoy bitperfect output at the original sample rate whether from the headphone outs, line outs or the USB Audio digital output.


Lower latency, faster connections

The HiBy R6 GEN III supports numerous wireless protocols such as DLNA, Airplay, HiByLink, and all Bluetooth audio codecs including UAT, LDAC, aptX, aptX HD, AAC, SBC. In addition, R6 GEN III supports two way bluetooth, allowing it to act both as a bluetooth transmitter and receiver.


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