Hiby R3 II Digital Audio Player


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All-new design

The HiBy R3 II geatures an all new design, now featuring 3.5mm single ended and 4.4mm balanced outputs. With a 3.2″ touchscreen, volume scroll wheel, and a compact, high quality chassis with reinforced front and back glass – the R3 II is a world of music in your pocket!

Increased Power Output

The HiBy RII now features a 3.5mm single ended and a 4.4mm balanced output, delivering up to 380mW @ 32 ohms!

High Quality Dual DAC and Dual Clock Design

Each ES9219C DAC on the HiBy R3 II utilizes a dual channel architecture, with an excellent DAC and amplifier for each channel, realizing exemplary audio quality and output control. Two of these are employed to realize a fully balanced output. They combine high fidliety, low noise, high power output and low power consumption, providing a solid backbone to a Hi-Res audio source component. The HiBy R3 II supports Native DSD256 and PCM 32bit / 384kHz sample rates.

The HiBy R3 II features dual independent active crystal oscillators at 45.1584 and 49.152MHz with low phase noise, automatically providing highly accurate clocking for music sources of different sample rates, reducing jitter, effectively increasing accuracy and edging ever closer to a completely analogue sound.

Versatile Functionality

The R3 II supports the following functions

  1. Digital audio source
  2. Bluetooth receiver / headamp
  3. USB DAC
  4. Bluetooth adapter for computer
  5. Wireless audio source

The HiBy R3 II features a USB-DAC mode where the onboard battery supplies power to headphone amp independently of the USB power supply. Draw less power from your smartphone and reduce inteference!


R3 II features a custom operating system: HiBy OS. Designed from the ground up for audio processing, HiByOS including several class-leading audio features for its size class:

  1. HiBy Link
    Allowing remote control of the R3II from a smartphone, for use of the R3II as e.g. a living room AV system audio source, or convenient use out in the streets with the R3II kept in your pockets and just the smartphone in hand, etc.
  2. MSEB
    A revolutionary audio tuning system developed by HiBy, allowing direct control of such audiophile parameters as warm / cool sound, note thickness, vocal prominence, impulse response etc. for a musical experience that’s completely your own.
  3. Streaming music platform support
    TIDAL, Qobuz streaming services supported (offline download not supported, user must authenticate every 24 hours).
  4. Internet radio reception

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