Helm Audio BOLT DAC/AMP – MQA Certified


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  • The HELM BOLT – Mobile Studio Quality USB DAC/AMP with MQA
  • Raising the Bar in Your Audio Quality. Now Accessible on Your SmartPhone.
  • Plug & Play on Your Favorite Mobile Device for Incredible Studio Quality Audio
  • THX Certified – Plays All Music Files: MP3 to MQA and Hi-Res
  • MQA Stream Unfolding and HD Support on the Top Hi-Rez Streaming Services
  • Industry Acclaimed Design & Technology Delivers the Purist Audio Signal
  • Works with Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows 10 *iOS requires a Lightning to USB Camera Adapter
  • Ultra-Low Harmonic Crosstalk & Reduced Crossover Distortion
  • Exclusive 3 Oscillator Design & Impedance Matching
  • USB-C Input and 3.5mm Headphone Output
  • LED: Blue SD Audio <= 48kHz – Red HD Audio > 48kHz – Magenta For MQA


The HELM BOLT DAC/AMP – the High Definition Digital Analog Converter with MQA rendering technology to bring studio quality audio to your phone. Compatible with Android, iOS, MacOS & Windows 10. **iOS requires a Lightning to USB Camera Adapter


Remember Standard Definition video? It had a monopoly on bad visual quality. Video evolved, Standard gave way to HD, and 4k video made you hate the way HD looked. Video quality moved forward, but audio quality moved sideways. Lossy data compression kept bandwidths low, but everyone now listens to the audio equivalent to Standard Definition or worse.


Imagine 4k video for your ears. Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) is an award-winning technology that unlocks every detail of the original master recording with the convenience of streaming audio. MP3 and similar streaming technologies deliver 10% of the original recording quality, but the HELM BOLT can stream and unfold MQA music at over 8 times the sampling rate of CD. Stream MQA content from Tidal, Nugs and Xiami. (For more info on how MQA works, go to mqa.co.uk.)


How does MQA sound? Vocals have presence and clarity, drums and percussion are sharp and impactful, strings have tactile nuance, and mixes that are muddy with conventional streaming become detangled and multidimensional when heard in MQA.


The HELM BOLT is an amazing sounding High-End Digital Analog Converter for your high-res FLAC or WAV files, and it will improve audio quality while streaming Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and others. supporting playback of PCM files with sampling rates up to 384 kHz, or DSD files with sampling frequencies up to 5.6MHz.


The HELM BOLT is THX Certified for ultra-low harmonic, crosstalk, and crossover distortion. Unlike other mobile MQA-DAC designs, the HELM BOLT physically isolates the DAC from the USB connector for improved performance, and uses a three oscillator design for superior frequency lock with dramatic improvements over single oscillator DACs.


For Android*, iOS*, MacOS, and Windows 10. Featuring a USB-C input and a 3.5mm audio output to connect to your wired headphones or speaker system. Headphone output level automatically detects headphone impedance and sets level accordingly: (1V for < 150 ohms, 2V for >= 150 ohms.) A simple LED indicates MQA rendering or sample rate playback, Blue for idle or SD audio <= 48kHz, Red for HD audio > 48kHz, Magenta for MQA content.


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