HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite Flagship 50mm Suspension Diaphragm Open Back Headphones




>New-Generation 50mm Long-Stroke Layered Dynamic Driver.

>Composite Bio-Membrane Diaphragm.

>Japanese Imported CCAW Premium Voice Coil.

>Premium Quality Custom Cables.

>Exquisite Build Quality.

>Zebra Wood Earcups.

>Comfortable Suede+Leather EarPods.

>Comes in Briefcase Style Package.

>Clear & Powerful Sound Performance.

>Open-Back Design.

Technical Specifications:-

>50mm Dynamic Driver.

>THD+N: 0.25%.

>Sensitivity: 105dB.

>Impedance: 32Ω.

>Cable Termination: 4.4mm & 4-Pin XLR Cables with the headphone.

>Dimensions: 210*175*105mm.

>Weight: Approx 360 grams.

HarmonicDyne has launched the all-new Zeus Elite flagship-level 50mm dynamic driver headphones designed with a 50mm suspension composite diaphragm dynamic driver unit. Experience rich sound with an exquisitely designed headphones. With the help of a 50mm long-stroke layered diaphragm, the Harmonicdyne Zeus Elite delivers quality sound with improved clarity and definition in the output signal. The Composite biomembrane design in the diaphragm results in better lower-end response and cleaner sound response throughout the frequency band. HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite is a headphone that delivers lovely sound allowing you to enjoy your favorite music to its fullest!!

New-Generation 50mm Dynamic Driver:-

HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite promises class-leading performance with its newly-developed 50mm dynamic driver unit. The pair features an upgraded long-stroke biomembrane composite diaphragm that provides improved clarity and faster responsiveness. The overall sound delivery is actually clean and shows fantastic clarity throughout the frequency band.

Ultra-Light Japanese CCAW Voice Coil:-

In order to deliver an effortless sound presentation, HarmonicDyne has equipped the Zeus Elite with a Japanese-imported Daikoku CCAW voice coil. It provides crisp clarity with a rich timbre and natural tone for lifelike natural sound output.

Exquisite Build With Wooden Earcups:-

HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite headphones have an exquisite build and premium finish. The headphones have a metallic frame with high-quality zebra-wood ear cups. It looks and feels absolutely amazing showcasing the professional craftsmanship of the brand.

Two Premium-Quality Stock Cables:-

The HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite headphones come standard with two high-quality stocks cables. The package includes a 4.4mm balanced cable and another with  XLR 4-pin termination. Both cables are made up of high-quality Single-Crystal Copper and Silver-Plated Copper hybrid wire structure. The 4-strand cable has been designed to hit the sweet balance of warmth and transparency with the headphone. On the headphone side, we have a 3.5mm connector for easy upgrade in the future.



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