GoldPlanar GL2000 Flagship Planar Magnetic Headphone



Double magnetic circuit version

    Utilizing full frequency adjustment and open back style
    GL2000 comes with a 2 meters long 6N OCC silver-plated cable
    It adopts high-performance N52 magnet and complex external magnetic structure
    Comes with a Balanced high-end cable with 4.4mm jack plug as default, 4Pin XLR cable and 3.5mm 1/8 cable with a 1/8 to 1/4(6.35mm) adapter can be ordered separately


GoldPlanar uses all of its years of knowledge and experience to design proprietary in-house planar magnetic diaphragm drivers that exceed the performance values of modern day standards. GoldPlanar drivers are used by other manufacturers of top-end headphones, and are often regarded as the best in class. Given all of the conditions, GoldPlanar has gone beyond to create their own HiFi world. Here, you can expect a thick and powerful bassline, rich mids, and airy and transparent trebles of this GL2000 headphone..

Why GoldPlanar

The core team at GoldPlanar began designing and building quality audiophile headphones in 2010 as a major manufacturer for some of the most reputable brands in the industry. In 2017, GoldPlanar was officially established as its own purveyor of boutique Hi-Fi headphones, with the goal of creating the highest line of reference headphones. GoldPlanar is proud to now be designing its own headphones under its name that boast their expertise and talents

New Flagship Planar Magnetic Headphone.

GL2000 is the newly launched flagship headphone, which adopts Planar Magnetic Diaphragm Driver. It is designed as a reference tuning headphone, utilizing full frequency adjustment and open back style. The internal driver design was modified from the standard drivers other manufacturers use, with the internal plate having been restructured to increase the surface area and airflow. This enhancement, along with the upgrade in magnet strength, makes the headphone even more responsive

Durable and Classic Design

The headphone is constructed of durable yet lightweight aerospace-grade aluminium and leather headband/ear cushions. We wanted our listeners to enjoy long listening-sessions, hence focused on a lightweight and flexible frame that would also endure the test of time. You will find the fit to be extremely comfortable, an added compliment to the extraordinary sound of the GL2000

Detachable 6N OCC Silver-plated Cable

The GL2000 comes with a 2 meters long 6N OCC silver-plated cable. As one of the materials with the best properties for electrical transmission, the full silver-plated cable will provide an unhindered Hi-Fi listening experience, specially enhancing the smoothness of the sound and warmth.

Innovative Design

As a reference headphones, we focused on providing a natural and realistic sound that is also comfortable and enjoyable. An open-back design was selected to create a translucent atmosphere and accurate stereo imaging. The internal cavity design was also machined to maximize airflow and focus the sound. .

Magnetic type
N52 Neodymium
Driver dimension
99dB(Double magnetic circuit version)
Diaphragm planar driver
2 meters detachable OCC silver-plated cable
Package Weight
Recommend Power
At least 2W



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