Dethonray Pegasus SG1 High-Res Transmission ES9038Q2M Portable Bluetooth DAC




Audio Circuit Design

DPPU(Desktop Plus Power Unit):
DPPU adapts dual high-density battery customized power system, designed for High-Fidelity while ensuring separation of digital and analog power to eliminate digital circuit noise from the source, alike an enhanced DAP + Amplifier system but with a minimal path and hard soldered joints with no compromises.
Redesigned the charging circuit to reduce the switch circuit noise,ensure charging and playing at the same time, sound quality is not affected.

SG1 Power Design:

Normal Design:

The continuous evolution of Bluetooth technology, the development of aptx HD and LDAC protocols have made the wireless audio quality better and better.
According to the characteristics of Bluetooth digital signal output,SG1 selects appropriate DAC, well-designed LPF and headphone amplification circuit to make wireless sound tend to wired sound performance.

Software Design

Customize different firmware according to DAC and LPF circuits.
Different timbres through firmware instead of different accessories.

Interface Design & CMF

Excellent control experience comes from the unique volume knob design.
The optimization of Touch &Feel algorithm makes the volume adjustment smooth and accurate.


Input Bluetooth
Output 3.5 Single End/4.4 Balance
Bluetooth audio transmission format support:
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
THD 0.06%
SNR 104db
Single End 2.9V(32Ω)
Balanced 2.8V(32Ω)
DAC Chip ES9038Q2M
Chassis CNC aluminum alloy
Dimensions 117.5 x 59.2 x 16(mm)
Weight 186g
Battery Life 3.5 :8 hours    4.4 :6 hours
Charging 5V 2A/3.5 Hours
Battery 2000 mAH



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