Supra Cables LoRad Power Block MD06SP 3 Way Surge Protection


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Supra MD-06 NIF Filtering + Surge Protector AU
Aluminium fully shielded mains power block with 3 way Surge Protection and NIF. 
If you are new to the field of mains power shielding and filtering, you will undoubtedly notice the difference.
The Supra mains blocks are shielded and radiated low levels of electricity generated fields thanks to their aluminium chassis connected to ground. The conductive chassis drains the internal interference down to ground and prevents also adjacent RFI and other malicious fields to enter the distribution block. 
Supra NIF Transient Filter
All models are equipped with Supra NIF (Non-Intrusive Filtering), an efficient high frequency (RFI) transient filter. It is designed and configured to efficiently suppress RFI interference, but not to dampen quick recharge demands from the connected devices power supplies. 
Supra NIF is developed by Ben Duncan Research in England. One of the world leading authorities in power filtering. 
Features and benefits
LoRad result in a cleaner sound, better picture and a more healthy home and working environment with low levels of harmful fields.
Our three-way SP-protection is a lavish protective circuitry in order to provide the maximum level of equipment safety. It will keep equipment safe whatever way the surge will enter, while competitors usually satisfy only Live to Zero surges. (A direct lightning strike outside the Supra Factory in Sweden put these to the test and they performed as intended. NO loss of any connected equipment or data)
Made in Sweden!
Technical Info
Standard Australian Standards  
Maximal current 10 Ampere
Nominal (maximal) voltage 230 (250) Volt
Maximal power load 2.3 kW
Mains frequency 50 Hz
Mains inlet socket International standard IEC-320 for 10 ampere  
Internal cable area 2.5 mm2
Outlet sockets 6 (1 unfiltered, 5 NIF-filtered) pieces
Fuse 10 Ampere (Slow Burn)
Filter (level) Non-Intrusive Filtering (up to 40) dB
Accessories included Brackets for wall mount and rubber feet as floor stands


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