Custom Art Fibae 7 Unlimited



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The Top-Of-The-Line modern sound signature offering balance musicality and engagement – a perfect IEM for musicians and audiophiles

FIBAE 7 Unlimited Technology

FIBAE 7 Unlimited utilizes the world’s first, patent pending, Flat Impedance design. Featuring seven drivers: Dual Sub-Low, Single Low-Mid, Dual Mid-High, and Two Top-Firing Tweeters. It is an epitome of natural sound, delivering even frequency response with immense details without fatigue. We are unlocking the potential of FIBAE 7 and removing all the limits

FIBAE 7 Unlimited Features

  • Dual Sub-Low, single Low-Mid, dual Mid-High, single proprietary High, single proprietary Super High
  • 3D-printed waveguide
  • Flat Impedance technology
  • Two Top-Firing Balanced Armature Drivers
  • Null Audio Arete OCC Copper cable

FIBAE 7 Unlimited Specifications

Sensitivity 122 dB @1kHz @0.1V
Impedance 12 Ohm @1kHz (+-1.7 Ohm 10Hz-20kHz)
Frequency reposnse 10Hz-21000Hz (+-5dB into IEC 60318-4 coupler)
Whats in the box
  • Carton box
  • EVA case
  • Zipper case
  • Wax pick tool
  • Drying pellet
  • Warranty card


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