Cayin HA-3A Headphone Amplifier Transformer Coupled, Balanced Driven Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier


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Flexibility might be the first topic discussed with the lightweight and compact HA-3A, but compromise in quality was never an option.

Cayin’s point-to-point wiring is de facto again for signal integrity, and the EI core output transformers utilise their shape to take the transparency of 6V6 power tubes out beyond the human hearing range.

These power tubes popularized by their use in Gibson and Fender electric guitar amplifiers are run in single-ended Class A.

Linearity is a given through the holy grail of bias operation, even at this price point, while tube operating voltages allow for large operating points.

Distortion is below even the threshold of HA-3A’s bigger HA-6A and HA-300 MKII brothers – clipping theoretically only occurring beyond the former’s maximum power envelope.

And any distortion will be of the even-order variety expected of tube amplifiers, for a smooth, warm and holistic sound. Tube rectification rounds out HA-3A’s fully-regulated linear power supply built around Cayin’s in-house toroidal power transformer.

A fully-regulated linear power supply, Class A bias, high tube operating voltages, low capacitances, even-order harmonics and EI core output transformers ensure Cayin’s baby of the bunch gets mentioned over similarly-priced solid-state competitors, and even higher-priced tube alternatives.




Dual JJ 6V6S Output Tubes

Dual 12AU7 (ECC82) Driver Tubes

RCA 25AX4GT as Rectifier Tube

Three Levels of Headphone Impedance:

  • L: 8Ω~64Ω M: 65Ω~250Ω H: 251Ω~600Ω

Three Headphone Output Ports:

  • 6.35mm Single-ended
  • 4.4mm Balanced (optimized including high sensitivity headphones)
  • 4-Pin XLR Balanced

Dual Input Ports:

  • XLR Balanced
  • RCA Single-ended

Built with craftsmanship:

  • In-house Designed Premium Toroidal Power Transformers.
  • The chassis and transformer pots are treated by 14 rounds of crafting process, the high gloss finishing endows a refined and delicate texture.
  • Point-to-point wiring by skilled craftsman.
  • High Performance ALPS Volume Control.
  • Three impedance settings: Low, Mid, High




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