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MP-D2 tube DAC was first released in 2014. It is a special killer DAC which can sound better than other 2x-5x price range DAC in the market according to some users’ comparisons and reports. We keep researching and improving it during the past 4 years to make it great. On Nov 10, 2019, we are glad to announce the latest and the best MK3 deluxe version.

Improvements on top of MK3

1. Since most audiophiles use coaxial and AES inputs, optical input is cancelled, and wireless bluetooth APTX HD interface is added.

2. Ultra low noise LDO regulators for DAC circuit are increased from 2 to 6 units. They are also separated between left and right channels to increase current handling capability and decrease mutual interference. This change is also allowed power hungry ES9038Pro to run with 50-100Mhz external clock to support DSD256 & DSD512.

3. Increase plate current of signal tubes to make it sound a bit denser.

4. Reroute all PCB traces to further lower digital interference coupling to analog signal. The background is darker.

5. Lower output gain to achieve RCA 2.5V/XLR 5V when using E88CC (6922) tubes to avoid overloading some weak input capability amplifiers. Now, both gain switches should be set to H when using 6H6/12AU7/12BH7 tubes, and set to L when using E88CC/6922/6DJ8 tubes when using fixed RCA ouputs.

6. Coaxial and AES inputs can support 192Khz now.

7. Rectifier diodes are upgraded to latest Vishay low loss and high-speed series to improve overall sound quality.

8. Add in a high quality BENNIC XPP capacitor to the high voltage filtering circuit to further improve timbre.


Sound characteristics
1. Huge and deep 3D sound stage.

2. Airy and liquid high.

3. Musical, sweet and silky smooth mid range.

4. No fatigue feeling for long time listening.

5. High definition with plenty of micro sonic details.

6. High dynamic, strong and deep bass, no compression.

7. Neutral and vivid.

Technical highlights
1. Top of line Linear and TI ultra low noise LDO. Ripple noise is less than 5uV.

2. AKM low jitter coaxial/AES receiver chip and low phase noise SiTime TCXO clocks.

3. Top of line Vishay low loss and high-speed rectifier diodes.

4. Total power filtering capacitance is over 80000uf, more than what are used in regular amplifiers.

5. High voltage supply of tubes is regulated to prolong tubes life and less ripple noise.

6. USB module employs latest XMOS U208 processor, its speed is double of its predecessor U8.

7. Bluetooth input employs flagship CSR8675 APTX HD chipset.

8. USB module owns I2S isolation to isolate noise coming from computer and other usb source devices.

9. USB module uses SiTime low phase noise clocks. Users can choose leading edge Crystek CCHD-575 femto clocks option as well. Crystek CCHD-575 can provide a bit more sonic micro details than SiTime.

10. USB module provides external clock input port. AK4490 and AK4497 modules can accept 3.3V 22.5792Mhz or 24.576Mhz clock,ES9038PRO can accpet 3.3V 22.5792Mhz to 100Mhz clock. Crystek femto, Rubidium ATOM and OCXO clocks are recommended.

11. No OPAMP design, tubes ouput only. Employs tube rectifier. It can switch between 6.3V filament (6Z5P,6X5) and 5V filament (5AR4, GZ34, 5U4G, 274B, 5R4) rectifier tubes. It can also switch between 6.3V filament (6H6,6922,E88CC) and 12.6V filament (12AU7, 12BH7, E80CC) signal tubes.

12. Independent headphone amp employs MAXIM professional headphone chipset. Insertion of a headphone disconnects preamp output automatically.

13. Dual powerful 150W and 100W toroidal transformers are employed to separately supply analog and digital sections.

14. The world’s first user-swappable DAC chip module and output coupling capacitor design. The DAC chip modules are users’ upgradable. In the future, a new DAC chip will be released. We will introduce the corresponding DAC module for user upgrade. Users can even change different output coupling capacitors to customize the sound characteristics they like although the stock Obbligato Gold coupling caps sound great already.

15. A MCU firmware downloader is included, so the user can upgrade the firmware for improvments and adding support for more future DAC modules. Users can enjoy new DAC chips without changing the whole machine.

16. Zero negative feedback analog output circuit design.

17. Fixed RCA and full balanced XLR outputs come with high and low gain switches for output gain adjustment.

18. Independent RCA preamp output port can provide up to 15V amplification.

19. Use genuine audiophile-grade components, such as US Vishay resistors, Obbligato Gold coupling capacitors, Rubycon, Panasonic, ELNA electrolytic capacitors.

20. High quality gold-plated RCA terminals, XLR terminals. Standard IEC power plug comes with EMI noise filter.

21. Aluminum alloy case and suspension feet.

Technical Specs
Frequency response: DC to 50khz

DR/SN: 127 dB

Fixed output level: 5V balanced XLR, 2.5V single-ended RCA

Preamp variable output level: up to 15V

Input interface: USB input supports up to PCM384Khz, DSD256 (AK4490), DSD512 (AK4497), DSD128 (ES9038Pro), DSD512 (ES9038Pro with external 60-100Mhz 3.3V clock). Coaxial and AES inputs support up to PCM 24Bit 192Khz. Bluetooth up to APTX-HD.

6.3V filament signal tubes: 6H6(stock), E88CC, 6922, 6DJ8. 12.6V filament signal tubes: 12AU7, 12BH7, E80CC

6.3V filament rectifier tube: 6Z5P (stock), 6X5. 5V filament rectifier tubes: 5R4, 5AR4, 5U4G, 5Y3, 5BC3 with adapter, 274B, GZ34, GZ33.

Dimension: W 34.5cm x D 38cm x H 15cm

Gross weight: 12.5 kg

Input voltage: 220-240V, pre-configured to the destination country.


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