Aune XC1 Common Audio Clock




New technology, multiple interfaces, high requirements

XC1 is built by the aune S1C team. It uses a high-quality OCXO clock source and 2*2 sets of fully isolated clock outputs. It is a shortcut to improve your entire audio system.


Technological innovation, a mass-produced clock that can be owned by a low price

Most of the audio clocks of traditional manufacturers are high price, the appearance and performance consistency of scattered DIY products has big defects. The aune team has been deeply involved in the field of digital audio for many years, providing more music lovers with the pleasure experience brought by high-performance OCXO.


2*2 sets of interface output, upgrade in one step

No matter whether it is a digital turntable, a decoder or an all-in-one machine, the function of the clock on each level of the audio system is needless to say. XC1 supports 4 channels of digital clock synchronization and isolation output, no need to entangle which level is connected, I want them all.


Still a high-demand product, XC1 inherits aune’s almost paranoid pursuit of sound quality

Surging power: the motherboard plug-in capacitors only use Panasonic or Sanyo audio capacitors imported from Japan.

The details are full: only Panasonic ECPU capacitors are used for the clock circuit chip capacitors (the utilization rate of ECPU on the whole motherboard is as high as 88%).

Noise killer: the power supply part adopts micro-volt noise chip cascade, multiple noise reduction.



Output frequency: 10MHz*4

Output power: >7dBm(50Ω)

Output waveform: 2*square wave/2*sine wave

Rise time: <2.75ns

Audio stability: <10ppt (typical value)

1ppm (typical value)<Frequency accuracy (when leaving factory):

Warm-up time: 5 minutes@ basic warm-up; 60 minutes@ full warm-up

Power requirements: DC 9V/1A

Ambient temperature: 0-50 °C for normal operation, 15-35 °C recommended

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Black, Silver


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