Aune S17 Pro Fully-Discrete Class-A Headphone Amplifier


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  1. Andrew Cherry (verified owner)

    When my Topping A90D bricked in January 2024 I decided given I only used it as a preamp that when I received the replacement under warranty I would sell it and look for a more “MUSICAL” headphone amp.

    I had recently sold my faithful ( but far too high output impedance at 33 Ohms ) Musical Fidelity Xcan V3 so I decided to look for a similar but more modern discrete Class A unit.
    Aune S17 pro appeared on my radar and certainly looked the part and reviewed well.

    SO cut to outcome system … I have a DMP A6 via Supra Excalibur usb cable to AUNE X8 XVIII upgraded with Sparkos SS3602 opamp (amazing ) out via Mogami Gold TRS balanced cable to my S17 Pro .
    Using the balanced output my Audeze LCD3 , Focal Clear’s and 800S have never sounded so exquisite… It outshines my SPL Phonitor at half the price.

    I used to have a dedicated listing room with $100,000 system ..valve mono blocs …ML electrostatics …Nordost loom ….this is the sound I had then and loved and now have with this simple AUNE setup.

    The soundstage is again not in my head ……I am in the soundstage …outside of my head .
    So Highly recommended!!

    Many thanks to Kelvin he was great to deal with and quickly solved minor problem with faulty remote.

  2. Glyn Fuller (verified owner)

    The AUNE 17 pro came neatly packed and nicely presented without unneeded bling. It is well built and simple to connect and use. My rig consists of PS Audio P12 power conditioner and their latest transport and DAC. Headphones Meze Elites. All cables of high quality and the system is very revealing and quiet. Each component is 6 to 8 times as expensive as the AUNE so it should be outclassed however this is not the case. Power, frequency response, base mids treble, detail, micro macro dynamics, sound stage, space and air, PRAT and tonal qualities I all rate as excellent. Further it is very musical and engaging with a very NATURAL presentation and a JOY to listen to. The AUNE can hold its head up high and at its price point it is outstanding value for money and the better the input provided to it the better it will reward you.

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