Audio Technica ATH-AD700X Audiophile Open-Air Headphones




The emphasized and punchy bass of the ATH-AD700 headphones from Audio-Technica can delight any music fanatic. Once they are on, their innovative and lightweight design will keep your worries away and take you to the world of music.

53-mm Wide-Aperture Drivers

Each 53-mm driver installed in the headphone unit includes a neodymium magnet and a supporting copper-clad aluminum wire; they work together to provide extended playback frequency response. The drivers closely analyze every acoustic and excel it in the mid range to provide clean and clear, natural, three-dimensional soundstage experience. You will get amazed by the richer and transparent voice reproduction technology.

Well-Thought Design

The Audio-Technica headphones embody Pure Copper by Ohno Continuous Casting and titanium alloy cord that allow electricity conduction, and as a result, the user gets to hear crackle-free audio with rich details. The open-air design of the headphones allows the free flow of sound signals and helps to deliver smooth, relaxed and natural music to your ears.

Lightweight Honeycomb Housing

The aluminum casing ear pieces are inspired from honeycomb. The in-line vibration-proof material absorbs all the unwanted resonance from the headphones and delivers soothing sound that doesn’t create humming sound.

Balanced and Coherent Sound

The hi-fidelity, dynamic design of the headphones artfully actualizes the high, low, and mid audio signals. The durable casing and long-lasting cable not only prohibit the pass through of internal and external noise but also immediately absorb the noise created due to high resonance in the voice coil. The powerful drivers offer accurate music and emphasized soundstage.

Innovative Headband

The three-band headband of the headphones is designed to provide comfort and support to your head. The broad auto-adjusting leather headband in the middle automatically takes the shape of your head and comfortably keeps the side headphone units in place, while the additional rubberized projecting wings on the front and back of the leather headband provide an extra support to the middle headband.


  • Open-Air Dynamic
  • Pure Copper by Ohno Continuous Casting
  • Honeycomb Housing
  • Balanced and Coherent Sound
  • Well-Thought Design
  • 3-D Wing Design
  • Large-Aperture Drivers
  • Velvet Ear-Fitting Pads


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