Atacama HMS 2X Speaker Stands 600mm (23.6″)




Supplied as a pair.The Atacama HMS 2X (High Mass Stand 2X) was developed with the co-operation and expertise of ProAc, one of Britain’s most highly respected speaker manufacturers and features a large 200mm x 225mm top plate.

Designed for those looking for a reference quality speaker stand, the HMS 2X has a 30% increase in mass loading capacity over our equivalent professional grade SLX series. Once each pair is fully loaded with Atabites, the HMS 2X will give you the ultimate platform for when needing to optimise your loudspeakers performance.Available in Satin Black and as a cost option, Diamond White,


Overall Height 607mm (excluding floor spikes),

Top Plate Width 200mm (7.87″), Depth 225mm (8.85″),

Base Plate Width 300mm (11.8″), Depth 335mm (13.18″)

Atacama recommend Atabite SMD-Z 7HD inert filler to achieve maximum sonic performance. Up to 84KG can be used per pair. As a guide fill the tubes half to two thirds full to achieve optimum results.

Two packs of Atacama HD-L spike shoes are recommended if the stands are to be placed on a delicate floor covering.


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