AIRPULSE SM200 Active monitor speakers




The SM200 is a powered professional nearfield studio monitor designed by renowned speaker designer and sound engineer, Phil Jones. It puts out a powerful 70watts total RMS in a single unit and has extraordinary dynamics, wide dispersion, and excellent acoustic characteristics in a small form factor while offering a premium on cost/performance ratio. Thus making this studio monitor perfectly suited for use in small control rooms in music, video and broadcast production. Recommended Use: For Music Players, Computers & Tablets.


The SM200 uses AIRPULSE’ unique horn-loaded ribbon tweeter, proprietary 5.25 aluminium cone “Long Throw” mid- woofer that extends to 45 Hz. The bass-reflex cabinet allows placement anywhere in a room, no matter how small, and features built-in DSPcontrolled driver crossovers and equalization, as well as multiway analog connections. The SM200 features a 2-way (Bi-Amp) Class D amplifier, 55 W for the woofer and a 15 W Class D amplifier for the ribbon tweeter, with Max SPLs up to 104 dB a pair speakers. Other features include a 1/4″ (6.35mm) TRS jack input, aside from the XLR and RCA analogue inputs. In addition to the SHELF filter with adjustable high and low frequencies, the starting frequency and slope of the high- pass filter are also designed to be adjustable, which can better match the size of the room and engineering needs. The SM200 was also designed to integrate with a variety of Studio subwoofers. The variable filter slope along from 6-24dB plus a variable crossover frequency at 20-100 Hz, allows a seamless integration between the SM200 and connected subwoofers


Tweeter : Horn Loaded Ribbon Tweeter featuring High-Gauss neodymium magnet.

Woofer : “LONG THROW” 5.25inch Aluminium cone Mid-Woofer

Frequency response : (+/- 3dB): 45HZ – 40KHZ Maximum SPL: 104dB SPL (per pair @ 1m distance with IEC weighted noise) Crossover frequency (Bass/Treble): 2.5kHz

Power output : 2-way Class D + DSP Amplifier (Bi-Amp) : 55W Class D for Woofer 15W Class D for Tweeter

Level adjustable range : -70dB to +6dB

Inputs : XLR balanced input 10Kohm TRS balanced input 10Kohm RCA unbalanced input 10Kohm

Input Sensitivity setting : XLR/TRS +4dBu, RCA -10dB

Treble Trimmer : 4.5K shelf filter +/-3dB

Bass Trimmer : 250Hz shelf filter+/-3dB

HF filter/Slope : 20-100Hz, 3dB to 12dB


Cabinet Weight 185(w)x319(h)x318(d

8.4kg Single unit speaker x 1 Power cable × 1 RCA audio cable × 1 User manual × 1



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