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New Cayin HA-3A Transformer Coupled, Balanced Driven Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier

When exquisite design is accomplished by first-class engineering.
When aesthetics are backed up by rigorous production.
The HA-3A vacuum tube headphone amplifier lets you enjoy your beloved music through your choice of headphones or earphones in a dedicated, engaging, and indulging retreat.

HA-3A might look compact and simple, but Cayin has devoted our renowned engineering, decades of audio equipment manufacturing, and carefully selected performance-based components to make this happen

The HA-3A suggested retail price is AUD$2499 . 

HA-3A Header 02.jpg
HA-3A Header.jpg
HA-3A Announce 01.jpg
HA-3A Announce 02.jpg
HA-3A Announce 04.jpg
HA-3A Announce 03.jpg
HA-3A Specification.jpg  


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