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New AUNE S9c Pro Reference DAC Headphone Amp

Aune presents its relatively nice priced S9c, a Reference DAC and Headphone Amplifier in one.

As a reference DAC and headphone amplifier, the Aune S9c Pro features, first of all, four digital inputs. We are talking about S/PDIF (optical and coax), USB-B and AES/EBU. PCM can be played back in a quality up to 32 bit / 768 kHz and DSD up to DSD512. If you still have a collection of MQA files lying around, it’s good to know the S9c has no problem with those either. There is a Bluetooth module too that can handle the LDAC and aptX HD codecs. As for analog outputs, you can choose from the available symmetrical XLR or asymmetrical cinch variants.

Solid power supply as a base

As promised, the Aune s9c is also a headphone amplifier. For this, a 6.35mm jack and 4.4mm symmetrical XLR connection are implemented. The headphone amplifier is built completely symmetrical and delivers output power of up to and including 5 watts. The manufacturer would also like to let the world know that the power supply inside the s9c is generously dimensioned. The basis is formed by a 50 VA transformer and adjacent capacitor bank with a total capacity of 23900 uF. Although the internal clock is already accurate, it’s possible to connect an external 10 MHz clock signal if desired.


>Full Clock Synchronisation.

>2nd Generation Ultra-Low Jitter PLL Core.

>10MHz External Clock Input.

>Premium Dual DAC Arrangement Featuring Dual ES9068A Chips.

>Fully Discrete Headphone Amp Section.

>High-Power Output.

>Delivers Up to 5W.

>IIS Differential Transmission Isolation Tech.

>Clean & Precise Sound Performance.

>Special Digital Filters Developed by Aune.

>32-Bit/768kHz PCM, Native DSD512, 16x MQA Decoding.

>Built-In Display Screen.

>High-Res Bluetooth Input(LDAC, AptX HD, etc).

>Three Headphone Outputs(4.4mm, 4-pin XLR, 6.35mm).

>USB, Coaxial, Optical, Bluetooth, AES Inputs Supported.

>50W Toroidal Low-Ripple Linear Transformer.

>Specially Developed Audio Circuitry With Premium Components.

>Symbolic Arc-Shape Design.

Aune S9c Pro is a brand new Desktop DAC with a built-in headphone amplifier section. It’s a super powerful all-in-one device equipped with a high-performance Dual DAC chipset(ES9068A * 2), and a fully discrete powerful amp section. Aune has featured its leading technologies such as PLL Clock Synchronisation, External 10MHz clock support, Twin JFET transistors, and many more professional-grade components to ensure top-level sound performance.

Premium Dual DAC Arrangement:-

Aune has equipped the S9c Pro with a high-performance Dual DAC chipset from ESS Technologies. The brand has featured the latest generation of Sabre DACs featuring two units of ES9068A DAC chips. These 32-Bit DAC offer outstanding performance in decoding high-resolution audio signals promising lower distortion and high SNR, and DNR performance.

High-Power Fully Discrete Amp Section:-

The Aune S9c Pro features a fully-discrete amp circuit with twin JEFT(Junction Field Effect Transistors) as the input stage. Paired with a 15V linear power supply, the Aune S9c Pro packs powerful output capabilities rated at 5W. Aune S9c Pro has a powerful amplification section that can feed even the demanding headphones with ease and bring out their true potential!!

2nd Gen PLL Core Architecture:-

Aune has designed the 2nd generation of PLL Core architecture that took them nearly 4 years to develop. They have featured the same on the S9c Pro, this complex and precise algorithm enables the device to output frequencies corresponding to different resolutions. It enables external clock support and its proper implementation with USB XMOS, SPDIF, and the DAC part simultaneously resulting in a natural and vivid sound presentation.

High-Resolution Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity:-

Aune S9c Pro DAC AMP has high-resolution wireless Bluetooth connection support. Users can feed the signal to the device using wireless Bluetooth connectivity, using their smartphones, and tablets with ease as a music source. The Bluetooth module also gets proper clock synchronization using the ultra-low-jitter PLL clock signals. It supports high-resolution transmission protocols including LDAC, AptX HD, AptX, SBC, and AAC.

Three Headphone Output Options:-

Connect your favorite headphones with the S9c Pro as the device houses three different output ports. This includes a 3.5mm single-ended output, a 4.4mm, and a 4-pin XLR balanced output options. The S9c Pro has a strong output power rated at 5W which is easy enough to drive even demanding headphones and IEMs with ease.

Two Tuning Modes:-

Aune S9c Pro featured two different tuning modes, This is achieved by two PLL and Filter modes. Mode 1 is standard where the S9c Pro works in the state of fast locking and low-latency delivering neutral and natural sound while the Mode 2 is the Pure music mode. This mode uses high-performance PLL providing precise clock signals, improving the DAC performance, and delivering more dynamic sound with high density and better soundstage.

Class Leading Performance With Premium Components:-

In order to deliver class-leading sound performance, Aune has used its expertise in designing premium products over the years. They have featured professional quality components including toroidal power transformers, analog MKP decoupling capacitors, digital isolation transformers, SMT film capacitors, matching output transistors, etc.

AUNE S9c Pro DAC & Headphone AMP-1
AUNE S9c Pro DAC & Headphone AMP-2
AUNE S9c Pro DAC & Headphone AMP-3
AUNE S9c Pro DAC & Headphone AMP-4
AUNE S9c Pro DAC & Headphone AMP-5
AUNE S9c Pro DAC & Headphone AMP-6
AUNE S9c Pro DAC & Headphone AMP-7
AUNE S9c Pro DAC & Headphone AMP-8
AUNE S9c Pro DAC & Headphone AMP-9
AUNE S9c Pro DAC & Headphone AMP-10
AUNE S9c Pro DAC & Headphone AMP-11
AUNE S9c Pro DAC & Headphone AMP-12
AUNE S9c Pro DAC & Headphone AMP-13
AUNE S9c Pro DAC & Headphone AMP-14
AUNE S9c Pro DAC & Headphone AMP-15
AUNE S9c Pro DAC & Headphone AMP-16
AUNE S9c Pro DAC & Headphone AMP-17
AUNE S9c Pro DAC & Headphone AMP-18
AUNE S9c Pro DAC & Headphone AMP-19
AUNE S9c Pro DAC & Headphone AMP-20
AUNE S9c Pro DAC & Headphone AMP-21

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