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Kinera Norn 1DD+4BA IEMs Now Available

Kinera was established in 2016 and operates in China. Just like many of other manufacturers out there, Kinera started as an OEM before branching out into their own brand. This electronics company has the determination to focus on quality over quantity both with regards to driver setup and unique designs. It’s line of IEMs always bring something to the table regarding both look and sound.

Kinera’s library spans different price ranges, with affordable, quick pick-ups like the BD005 Pro, standout and favorable models like the Freya 3BA + 1DD IEMs, to the more prestigious models like the Baldr and Odin 8BA IEMs. Some showcasing is a truly unique and aesthetically striking unit that also delivers a detailed and pleasant signature sure to please fans of hybrid units. 


A brand-new 5 drivers set-up of 2 Knowles balanced armature + 2 Kinera Custom balanced armature + 1 Kinera Custom Titanium Diaphragm dynamic driver, The Kinera Norn has been released. The faceplate of Norn carries excellent looks with premium hand-painted design on the cavities. The bright red color of lava to weave a grid that extends from the cover to the bottom of the IEM to cover half of the IEM, like a web of fate connecting from the mountains to the deep sea. Kinera elaborated their inspiration:

It is inspired by the legend of Asgard. 3 Sisters are a goddess of fate in Norse Mythology, called Norn. They are only the agents of the or log and their duty is to warn the gods of future sins, order them to grasp the present and tell them the past experience. The Norns’ judgment must be obeyed even by God. They determine the fate of the gods and human being, but they themselves cannot escape the fateful arrangement of fate. The looming white clouds on the surface of the shell covers the abyss of destiny with a mysterious veil, expressing the unknowable mystery of the future.


Based on the understanding of Norn, destiny is sometimes high-pitched and sometimes quiet, sometimes wild and sometimes gentle, so Kinera tuning engineer is committed to the pursuit of high resolution, clear positioning, high frequency extension, low frequency impact, spacious soundstage and sweet voice in the tuning.

For bass, Norn is equpped with a 7mm strong magnetic micro dynamic unit developed by Kinera. The driving force is N52 high flux ring magnet and the diaphragm is a composite of 3 sandwich PU + high poly fiber + titanium plated. PU mixed material improves the bass dive, high poly fiber helps to increase the tension of the sound stage, and the titanium plated strengthens the detail resolution, so that the unit has high-definition quality.

Kinera 4BA+1DD

For mid-range, 2 Knowles composite unit RAF-32873, which enhances the thickness of vocals. It makes the human voice sweet and emotional, and users will indulge in music. Combination of 4BA unit gives Norn a gorgeous high-frequency extension and clear positioning of the instruments, presenting every instrument of the orchestra to user’s ears in detail.

At the same time, It has sound stage that is similar to large concert hall, making Norn suitable for large-scale symphony and ensure that the high-quality audio source is highly restored. Front cavity 3-tube physical frequency division: The sound of each unit of the three frequency sound hole does not interfere with each other. Designed in reasonable unit installation position and sound tube length, accurate frequency division tuning ensures smooth three-frequency connection.

Kinera is a beautiful pair with its myth color providing us an outstanding acoustic performance. It is avaliable now.

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