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Kinera Nanna 2.0 Pro 1DD + 1BA + 2EST IEM Quick View

Kinera Nanna took inspiration from European Myths and built the pair with an ergonomic shell and artistic faceplates. The excellenttreble performance of Nanna helps them have gained popularity over time and established its own cult following. Other aspects like bass quality and depth, sound-stage, and smooth mid reproduction are the other things that shine in this IEMs. Kinera announced the latest version Nanna 2.0 Pro available, this version comes with newly-designed appearance and upgraded accessories.



The “Pro” version of this upgrade is still tuned the same as Nanna 2.0 , the most significant is upgrade the cable to 6N OCC with Silver Plated 4.4mm 0.78 2 pin. They have included a 4.4mm to 2.5mm adapter and another 4.4mm to 3.5mm adapter in the package to use the Nanna 2.0 with your source with your preferred choice of termination option straight out of the box. The latest pair also comes with a new set of custom ear tips to provide a better fitting experience for its users. Along with the Final Audio Type E, Custom RS-B4S, and Custom Foam tips, the pair now comes with Custom JH-FY-009-B Ear Tips( Same as Kinera Baldr’s Tips ).

Nanna 2.0 adopts 2EST + 1 BA + 1DD configuration, same with the original one. For mid and bass, Sonion BA unit and Kinera’s custom 7mm dynamic unit are selected respectively. The combination of the units makes the three-frequency connection smooth. Sonion EST65DA01 composite electrostatic unit is responsible for the treble. Two electrostatic units are paired with each other and act on high frequencies to make treble with high ductility, rapid transient response and bright vocal. The mid-range uses Sonion 26A008/5 BA unit. The sound of this driver is with warmer sound, which plays a role in the good connection for full range. The function of connecting the full frequency makes the overall sound transparent and natural.

The bass, is presented by Kinera 7mm titanium-plated dome PU composite high poly fiber diaphragm dynamic unit . The high poly fiber has the characteristics of strong rigidity, which makes the sound transmission more uniform and provides strong protection and support for the diaphragm. PU diaphragm is flexible, providing enough deep and diving depth for bass. Titanium plating process makes the diaphragm more rigid, resulting in clear sound and stable connection with mid and high frequency. Make the bass deep and textured.

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