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IKKO Releases Asgard OH5: World’s First IEMs with Lithium Magnesium Diaphrpagm Coil

IKKO is not a new name in the HiFi audio industry. They are long known for their classic IEMs such as the OH10, OH7, OH2, etc. Recently, IKKO has been quite active with their new releases introducing new IEMs, portable DAC/AMPs, USB Hubs, etc. Today, they are back, and this time they are back with a bang. Today, IKKO has officially unveiled the drapes of its latest IEMs, the latest premium IEMs to be precise, introducing the all-new IKKO Asgard OH5. Asgard OH5 is the world’s first pair of in-ear monitors that features a lithium-magnesium diaphragm coil.

IKKO Asgard OH5-1

OH5 is launched officially for AUD$849, you can check out more information here.

For over a year, IKKO has researched in developing a new dynamic driver-based IEM with a Lithium-Magnesium diaphragm coil. Lithium-Magnesium material is used in the making of high-end home theatre systems. It’s ductile and highly durable. Compared to traditional beryllium-diaphragm-based dynamic driver IEMs, the OH5 achieves a more natural, more organic tone to its presentation. You are treated with an outstanding stage as well. IKKO is advertising the OH5 to deliver a supermassive soundstage presentation.

IKKO Asgard OH5-2

OH5 houses a newly-developed 12mm large dynamic driver unit. The shells are made using high-quality titanium and resin materials. They are super solid, offer a robust build structure, and provide a lightweight ergonomic design for a comfortable fit. IKKO has designed the OH5 with unique, exquisite looks, giving the pair an eye-catchy design. It has been tuned professionally for a premium-sounding experience.

IKKO Asgard OH5-3

IKKO bundles the Asgard OH5 with a high-purity silver-plated single-crystal copper cable. It’s a premium cable that has swappable termination options. You get 2.5mm balanced, 4.4mm balanced, and 3.5mm single-ended plugs in the package. With detachable 0.78mm 2-pin connectors, users will be able to easily replace the cable as well.

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