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Home Theatre Installations

A Home Theatre system is much more than just a TV and speakers. Over the years Home Theatre systems have developed at a rapid pace with significant improvements in sound and picture quality. New technologies such as 4K, HDR and Atmos have taken home theatre to a new level of experience which is similar to a movie theatre.

At A1FutureShop we supply and install your home theatre/home audio needs as required.  Whether you need a simple single room or multi-room environment of any budget to suit we will do the job. Give us a call for a free onsite visit quotation NOW.

Our services includes starting from the very basic with hanging your TV, soundbar on the wall, unpacking & configuration of Home Theatre systems, installing speakers in wall and ceiling, installing projectors and screen, setting up multi room audio and more. 

OUR BRANDS : Acoustic Energy, Arcam, Atacama, Audio Technica, Aune Audio, Cayin, Creek Audio, HiBy Music, Inakustic, Kinera Audio, Knosti, Matrix Audio, Supra Cables, Thor Technologies, xDuoo, Yamaha Audio and Zidoo.

All our products are sourced directly from Australian authorized distributors which you’ll receive full local service and support.