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HiBy R8 Gen II Flagship Portable Audio Player With Darwin MPA 16-Channel DAC Architecture

HiBy starts 2024 on a great note with the official reveal of its latest flagship digital audio player, introducing the all-new HiBy R8 Gen 2. As a successor to the almighty R8, the R8 Gen 2 improves the sound department with an exclusively designed DARWIN-MPA(Multiphase PWM Array) architecture. The device adopts a 16-way current mode DAC chipset aligned with pure Class A and AB dual-mode Amp sections. HiBy has designed the R8 Gen 2 as an ultimate flagship-level product. Its design, sound and every minute detail are properly designed and tuned with great precision. HiBy has joined hands with ALCANTARA for an exquisite back panel. Are you ready to upgrade your portable setup with an exciting flagship audio player?? Let’s know more about the HiBy R8 Gen II!!

HiBy R8 Gen II is launched in three striking colour options. It is priced of $3299. Available here.

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