The story began in 2011, YuTai Electronic Acoustics was officially established in Dongguan, China. A year ago, we developed the world’s first high resistance 5mm micro dynamic speaker for military hearing aids. In 2013, we began mass manufacturing balanced armature driver and became an internationally and locally renowned supplier of driver. In 2014 till 2015, Yutai Electronic Acoustics has developed a number of patents for various driver technologies such as bone conduction. In 2016, released the first hybrid driver IEM BD005 by “ Kinera “ brand, which became the most competitive entry- level hybrid driver IEM after launch. In 2017, released the second hybrid driver IEM H3, which is based on the sound of the BD005 proofing further refined, with a more outstanding sound and sense of hearing. At the same time, BD005 was rewarded the runner-up in the headphone market of the year by Japan’s leading headphone retailer E-earphone. In 2018, Kinera released a series of product with a symbolic meaning: SEED, IDUN and ODIN were born one after another, and at the end of the year, we launched the IDUN special limited edition 500 sets during the Christmas season, which were sold out within a month before they were launched. In 2019, Kinera released its latest single dynamic driver in-ear monitor, the Kinera Sif. Afterward, later the first EST IEM, the Kinera Nanna was released.

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