Aune, as Wuhan Ao Lai Er Technology Co., Ltd.’s Hi-Fi brand, has been devoted to developing desktop and portable audio products such as DACs, digital transports, music players, headphone amplifiers, etc.

Founded in 2004, Wuhan Ao Lai Er Technology Co., Ltd. has amassed a wealth of experience from extensive research and development, all of which has resulted in products that have been well received globally.

The six co-founders, in addition to being diehard audio fans, are also experts in various audio related fields, such as hardware design, electro-acoustics design, programming, speaker design and tuning.

The logo of aune was inspired by the concept of Yin-Yang – the Chinese philosophy of balance. The rounded design of the letters conveys a message of peace and gentleness. The openings on four sides indicate inclusiveness.

With our pursuit of superb sound and great user experience, we are striving to make aune a world-class brand.

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